emotional state

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the state of a person's emotions (especially with regard to pleasure or dejection)

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By using a neural network and some sound processing techniques, these emotional states can be determined with acceptable results, in order to create a communication bridge between these two species.
176) Stearns points out that depression was the most common deviant emotional state in twentieth-century America, while, in the nineteenth century, it was hysteria.
Each of the 180 subjects submitted descriptions of emotional states and hedonic values at eight standard points in time.
Ultimately the six Burghers represent the various emotional states that all pass through when they learn that they are going to die.
IBM's mouse can track the user's physical differences to gauge his or her emotional state, similar to polygraph lie-detector tests.
Strong outbursts are followed by the quietest of moments, the music sometimes taking on the character of a nightmare -- but the music is not frightening itself, it only sounds as though it is depicting a frightening emotional state, an emotional state that causes much reflection.
Consider the emotional state of a Jewish woman who had been bleeding for 12 years.
Physicians may arrest themselves in an emotional state of self-blame, regretting their career choice rather than moving toward a functional adaptation.
Likewise, human babies produce "protophone" sounds independent of emotional state before they start using recognisable words.
Empath provides users with a way to monitor and measure their emotional state, as well as a means to track it over time.
Talking about his emotional state during the preparation of his role as Captain Richard Phillips, Hanks said that he is a snappy guy who weeps over human connections that are somehow reflective of this tenuous place we all have in this world.
A stimulus which is difficult to assess According to the authors, the reason why a smile sometimes leads to the incorrect categorization of an expression is related to its high visual "salience"- its attention-grabbing capacity -- and its almost exclusive association with the emotional state of happiness.
Max can't bear that, and in his emotional state he's unable to resist the 'charms' of manipulative Becca when she kisses him.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission announced yesterday it was investigating the police handover procedure and, specifically, whether police ensured prison staff were briefed about Mr Murphy's health and emotional state.
Coach Ricky Stuart said: "I was concerned at first because he was in a pretty emotional state.