emotional person

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a person subject to strong states of emotion

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Even though I know what they mean - I'm quite sultry, I'm quite an emotional person, I'm a bit of a thinker and that comes across.
He's a very emotional person is our Clive, but I think he's really answered his critics over the autumn series.
When his body comes off that plane in England I will be one emotional person.
I'm just trying to take it all in and I think myself and Shane probably keep our emotions in check whereas Justin is quite an emotional person, so I think he has found it a little bit tougher than we have.
I am not an emotional person but I felt like crying in the first half.
I am not normally an emotional person but the anthems got the better of me after not being part of it for three years.
Johnny's a highly emotional person," Teresa Tapia said.
He said: "I'm not an emotional person, but I couldn't believe it when they gave my this award.
I am not noted for being an emotional person, but I was slightly choked.
I do appreciate what everybody's done, but I'm not an emotional person.
I am not an emotional person but I must admit I felt like crying in the first half.
I'm a very emotional person, but for years and years I buried my emotions, just stuffed them down, and I was given these parts which are deeply painful to play, because I had to keep pressing down.
Peter's such an emotional person and my thoughts are with him at this very sad time.
But he agreed he had to get a grip on his temper and added: "I'm an emotional person, things can happen on the pitch very quickly but I didn't mean to disrespect the referee.