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The underlying presence of intrapsychic conflict with the resulting tension, attempted defenses, and sought-after resolution and its disguised outward expression is to be recognized today as the central dynamic concept in the origin of the neurotic and the functional psychotic's emotional illness.
Through their subtle, vibrationalenergy, the remedies work to heal every negative aspect of all seven types of emotional illness, thereby restoring mental harmony and preventing any physical illness from taking hold.
The elder Phillips gave the public something to chew on along with breakfast when in 1970 she responded to a distraught letter writer by asserting that homosexuality is not a disease; rather, "It is the inability to love at all which I consider an emotional illness.
Dysfunctional" and "schizophrenic" suggest at least emotional illness and unintegrated personalities.
Society sees profound peaceful benefits in the study of innumerable serious brain conditions, including stroke, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, brain tumors, mental retardation, substance addiction, violent behavior, and other dysfunctional forms of emotional illness.
Smiling encouragingly, listening intently and responding patiently, Beth Hennessy becomes a link to Christian compassion and support needed desperately by this often neglected group of Christians: those who suffer with mental and emotional illness.
For all human beings, anger can be an ordinary reaction to life situations or indicative of emotional illness.
Emotional illness, alcoholism, bad marriages, bad luck, ennui -- the red-bound class reports I receive every five years from Cambridge are full of accounts of dreams abandoned or severely revised.
Emotional illness ranks second to chemical dependence as a cause of impairment in physicians.
Often emotional illness follows, but there is not the necessary element of shock.
She said: "Cancer is a very emotional illness, and it's not just the patient who has a hard time of it.