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Synonyms for deprivation

Synonyms for deprivation

the condition of being deprived of what one once had or ought to have

Synonyms for deprivation

a state of extreme poverty

the disadvantage that results from losing something


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act of depriving someone of food or money or rights

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Seeing how protective, supportive and caring your mother is to your brother's child, you are constantly reminded of the emotional deprivation you suffered as a child.
You sound like a loving wife and mother who's trying to do the best for herself and her family against the background of your own emotional deprivation as a child.
Far from displaying evidence of emotional deprivation and disturbance, she grew up with the reputation of being a mature and sensible girl.
CHILDHOOD is the theme running through this collection of short stories but, instead of portraying a period of idyllic innocence, the central characters all experience forms of emotional deprivation.
I strongly suspect that emotional deprivation has led you to want a baby.
Juliet Gibbon, defending Walters, said Walters was brought up in a state orphanage in Russia and his early life was characterised by severe emotional deprivation.
Certainly the thematics of the work have moved into an inconsolably depressed territory of emotional deprivation and squalor.
In any country that we go to, the three most common hurts are the same: emotional deprivation in childhood, sexual abuse and unresolved grief for loss of a loved one," Fabricant-Linn said.
May travels back and forth from her severely elegant home with its sparse teas and breakfasts to the more opulent home of her dead husband's sister, replete with plush, well-padded furnishings and enormous meals, she gradually comes to realize the narrowness of her existence and the depth of her lifelong emotional deprivation.