emotional arousal

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the arousal of strong emotions and emotional behavior

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As described previously, it was anticipated that participants would show longer reaction times for greater emotional arousal.
He cites the infamous Basic Instinct movie scene where Sharon Stone gives detectives an eyeful during questioning, and explains: "That's a form of manipulation, using sexual or emotional arousal to distract the interviewer.
Clinical experience with offenders exhibiting complex partial seizures suggested that, whether or not it served as a recognizable prodrome, emotional arousal did appear to function, as a triggering event for seizure equivalents in these people.
He then discusses models of learning, memory, and emotional arousal in relation to empirical evidence about "adliking.
We suggest that the differential effect of perceptions of distributive and procedural fairness on emotional arousal is a pivotal distinction that is useful in determining when interactional justice has been perceived as an issue of distributive rather than procedural justice.
The effectiveness of a school-based, cognitive-behavioral stress management program with adolescents reporting high and low levels of emotional arousal.
Although reason serves to control and determine the appropriateness of emotional behavior, it doesn't always attribute the right cause to emotional arousal.
Four main sources have been identified in the literature: performance accomplishments, emotional arousal, vicarious experience and verbal persuasion.
How long the memory lasts appears to be linked to the level of emotional arousal, said McGaugh, author of ``Memory and Emotion: The Making of Lasting Memories,'' to be released in August.
One, the rational-thinking mode, happens during low emotional arousal states, whereas the second, the experiential-thinking mode, occurs during states of high stress and emotional arousal, such as would occur during an officer-involved shooting.
Although there is some support for the successful manipulation of emotional arousal using mental imagery, there is less empirical evidence indicating that imagery can be used to manage arousal or competitive anxiety prior to and during physical activity in naturalistic settings (e.
It may be that men are less verbally expressive of their emotions because they have been socialized to say less, or because they have a limited capacity to express themselves, not because they have little emotional arousal in their lives.
The higher the level of stress an individual feels the more likely even minor triggers will result in emotional arousal.
Bandura (1982) states, "Self-percepts of efficacy influence thought patterns, actions, and emotional arousal.
The body sends off signs and symptoms of stress and emotional arousal.