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Synonyms for emotion

Synonyms for emotion

a complex and usually strong subjective response, such as love or hate

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USA], Sep 08 ( ANI ): Positive emotions are often seen as critical aspects of healthy living, but a new research suggests that your emotional and health outcomes may vary by cultural context.
Theories of emotion try to demonstrate what emotions are and how they are processed.
According to Natalie Bell, a mindfulness instructor with the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, RAIN can be a very useful tool to work with, and transform, difficult emotions.
If you answered yes to all, then try this exercise next time you feel that tidal wave of emotion.
Fear: Whenever in danger, one emotion that acts as a shield is fear.
That emotion is produced and amplified in face-to-face interaction is incontestable, but Ross creatively extends the interaction ritual framework developed by Randall Collins and other sociologists to incorporate 'mediated' interactions into an account of the circulation of emotions within large networks of actors, and brings in much useful evidence from disciplines ranging from neuroscience to anthropology to make sense of these flows of emotion.
Thus, the archives of these two journals demonstrate larger trends regarding emotion and affective dimensions in writing center studies.
Each chapter is unique in its approach to emotion in Old English texts, but several were especially noteworthy.
According to Gross (2014), emotion regulation has three core features, comprising the activation of a regulatory goal, the engagement of regulatory processes, and the modulation of the emotion trajectory.
This is the emotion used to represent something that appeals to the human mind, that one finds beautiful, and that evokes love.
Emotion plays a significant role in the cognitive process of humankind.
The emotion process fabric appears with a stimulus in the medium.
Anxiety is a common emotion and the politics of anxiety has not yet been a systematic subject of analysis.
Cultivating Emotion-History, Culture, Society, Joint kick-off workshop of the Center for the History of Emotions and the Centre for the Study of Development of Society, Delhi, 09.