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  • verb

Synonyms for emote

to make an emotional display

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give expression or emotion to, in a stage or movie role

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If there were not so many people in the Foreign Office the intent, but the effect; less emoting and more thinking who need appoint-ments abroad we could have closed them down long ago with nobody noticing the difference.
This is surely the reason why so many dance works (especially classical, for modern dance has more of an individualist tendency leaning toward theater work, where actual steps seem to play an ever-diminishing role) look so much alike: stylized, goldfish-like emoting, structurally caught within a Balanchinean-inspired glass bowl.
There is a smirky, over-the-top quality to Si Han's emoting as A-Lan that pushes some scenes to the other side of camp; when slapped by the officer, he bares his teeth with a '40s screen-diva defiance that made me chuckle.
He has no real reform ideas because he spends most of his energy emoting on behalf of the downtrodden.
Our touchy-feely PM at the time cashed in by emoting on TV.
She describes the processes and contributions of noticing, emoting, visualizing, exercising and eating right, resting, freeing ones' self of stress, organizing, rehearsing, guarding your brain and enriching it, and through teaching, sharing what you know and gathering new memories.
Forsooth, me thinks Johnny Briggs has acted harder, pulling faces and emoting, over the last three weeks than he has done in the previous 30 years.
He is emoting like a typical Oprah Winfrey guest, admitting he'd questioned his management abilities over the previous couple of days.
This was topdrawer Balanchine, edgy and energetic yet subtle, the soloists dancing, rather than emoting, their roles.
Jazz was like a whole different state of mind for me while I was studying classical music, and I found classical to be the best for me in terms of emoting and self-expression.
Don't get your hopes too high - big production numbers from Ryan 'Bleeding Love' Tedder and a co-write from one-time All Saint Shaznay Lewis amount to the usual blend of over-earnest emoting and heavy breathing.
With all that emoting, heartache and confessions, what's needed is a little romance to lighten the mood.
But Anna breaks down dramatically, in private and in public, and Binoche is simply not wired for such showboat emoting.
The decision to produce a musical with people more used to emoting as Hamlet (which Cumming did most successfully) would seem to be like deliberately doing things the hard way.
IF any Hollywood star is legitimately entitled to use an awards ceremony to wallow in some Gwyneth Paltrow-style emoting, it's Jennifer Aniston.