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a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email

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Users of the app can select one or more emoticons to share their passion for any match.
Yo u see it costs more to send a picture and depending on how your phone distinguishes between emoticons and, say, photographs, smiley-face-sending customers could be unknowlingly paying hand over fist for exprexting themselves (did you see what I did there?
As you type, Roxie Keyboard suggests the most common emoticons associated with your words.
To strengthen this argument, Figure 2 plots the probability that an emoticon is sent to another group member as a function of how much the recipient's contribution differs from the average group contribution.
Depending on your perspective, emoticons may be one of the most charming aspects of online communication or one of the most annoying.
all of this is reflected in the emoticons we have designed.
However, when the emoticon was reversed or presented upright, no response was triggered.
Emoticons are now everywhere, from texts, chats, e-mails, vandalism to designs in shirts etc.
The second snap had the mum-of-one wearing a black bikini top and long black skirt with a sunshine emoticon as its caption.
We believe that our study represents the first naturalistic and longitudinal study that collects real emoticon use from text messages 'in the wild,'" said Philip Kortum, assistant professor of psychology at Rice and one of the study's authors.
Speculations were circulating all of Thursday regarding Kutcher's role on the hit television show, but it wasn't until he tweeted a smiley face emoticon that it was confirmed at approximately 9 p.
9 ( ANI ): Emoticon, the small yellow icons without which many of the SMS' and e-mails are incomplete, will turn 30 on September 19.
Then use art tools like Draw, Spray Paint, Paint Roller, Stencil, Spin Art and more to create a truly one-of-a-kind emoticon.
Go to the personal profile, official page, or event you want to use as an emoticon.