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  • verb

Synonyms for emote

to make an emotional display

Words related to emote

give expression or emotion to, in a stage or movie role

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Our feelings are best expressed in words and actions and foster a strong bond of togetherness and affection than the funny smartphone emotes.
As everyone emotes about danger, it is good to have a bit of perspective'
When thanking a fellow online player, for example, you could use an emote to make your character bow, or when saying goodbye you could use an emote to make them wave.
Voice-over emotes: Express yourself in a battle or expand your social circle with new voice emotes.
The chat software employed enables interactive chatting with buddy lists, private messaging, emotes, and more.
Actress Ericksen spectacularly emotes this fast-moving mystery.
With the first lines of any ballad that Scott emotes, the listener becomes enraptured by the sentiment that flows forth, dearly connecting the singer's emotions to the song.
Williams" the band fuses a four-on-the-floor drumbeat and soulful organ part to Baird's sweetly old-school guitar stylings while Hoge emotes shamelessly above, and the result is far more than the sum of its parts.
Capitalism is falling apart," emotes the Los Angeles Times' left-wing columnist Robert Scheer, who references California's power problems as exhibit A.
Here is a dancer who emotes from his toes to his shaven head.