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of or relating to the normal condition of the eye in which visual images are in clear focus on the retina


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From an anatomical point of view, a normal, non-pathological eye is known as an emmetropic eye, and has been studied very little until now in comparison with myopic and hypermetropic eyes.
7) Furthermore, studies indicate that children whose parents are both myopic have a higher risk of developing myopia than those whose parents are emmetropic.
NearVision CK is indicated for the temporary improvement of near vision in emmetropic presbyopes (those who require only reading glasses) and hyperopic presbyopes (those who require reading and distance glasses).
The randomized study of 40 emmetropic patients between the ages of 45 and 60 was conducted at two European post market surveillance sites--with 27 patients at the University of Crete in Greece under the direction of Prof.
Research has also shown that good visual experience is required for emmetropisation to occur; that is, the reduction in refractive power in early childhood towards a more emmetropic refractive state.
With baby boomers dominating the demographics, CK is uniquely positioned for growth in treating emmetropic presbyopia in virgin, post-IOL and post-LASIK eyes.
In double-masked, placebo-controlled testing among both myopic and emmetropic patients, the iZon Wavefront-Guided Lens demonstrated a significant improvement in visual acuity, low contrast visual acuity and mid-frequency contrast sensitivity," said Dreher.
Refractive error--it is often assumed that myopic individuals have larger pupils than emmetropic and hyperopic individuals.
At the debut, Ophthonix's Professional Advisors, a group of renown and influential doctors, presented clinical data on the Ophthonix lens, demonstrating significant vision improvement in myopic, emmetropic and LASIK patients.
For most emmetropic patients this is not an issue because when the image shell is in focus at the fovea then it is also likely to be in focus, or close to in focus, in the peripheral retina (see Figure 1, page 45).
It was reported that emmetropic pilots who had previously had a peripheral refractive error which was hyperopic relative to the central refractive error were more likely to develop myopia, although the interpretation of these studies has recently been challenged, relative peripheral hyperopia remains a popular theory of myopia development.