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of or relating to the normal condition of the eye in which visual images are in clear focus on the retina


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sup][20] investigated retinal vessel diameter in high myopia and found that both retinal arteriole and venue diameter were narrower than emmetropic eyes.
From an anatomical point of view, a normal, non-pathological eye is known as an emmetropic eye, and has been studied very little until now in comparison with myopic and hypermetropic eyes.
7) Furthermore, studies indicate that children whose parents are both myopic have a higher risk of developing myopia than those whose parents are emmetropic.
There were 7 women and 3 men who were emmetropic or had contact-lens corrected vision participating in the experiment (mean age = 20.
The EuroKLEAR trial: Early results using an aspheric corneal inlay to improve near and intermediate vision in emmetropic presbyopes" was presented by Beatrice Cochener, M.
Zadnik and co-workers' conducted a longitudinal investigation into normal eye growth in emmetropic children.
Some authors have concluded HOAs to be more in ametropia than emmetropic eyes9 while others proposed no relationship or even an opposite relationship between refractive error and HOAs8,12,22 and still others reporting greater higher order aberrations in myopes compared to hyperopes.
Material and Method: In this study, refraction and ocular biometry in 44 keratoconus eyes and 44 emmetropic eyes were evaluated prospectively.
Untrained emmetropic pilots allowed to self-adjust the focusing mechanism for Apache night-vision goggles (optimum visual acuity 20/35, equivalent to about 0.
The randomized study of 40 emmetropic patients between the ages of 45 and 60 was conducted at two European post market surveillance sites--with 27 patients at the University of Crete in Greece under the direction of Prof.
04 Considering the refraction noted in the image, how would you expect the mires to appear compared to those of an emmetropic patient?
Cataract surgery in patients with high myopia often have poor visual outcome because of presence of chorioretinal degenerations and have a higher risk of complications such as retinal detachment (RD), cystoid macular edema, posterior capsular opacification compared with emmetropic eyes.
Dominant eyes were planned to be emmetropic and non-dominant eyes were planned to be 0.
Emmetropic people see clearly at distance with no accommodative effort.