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of or relating to the normal condition of the eye in which visual images are in clear focus on the retina


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a Increased magnification, increased field, compared to an emmetrope
13 presentation, entitled "Results of Conductive Keratoplasty to Improve Near Vision in Presbyopic Emmetropes Who Underwent Previous LASIK.
Dreher said research indicates that 70% of emmetropes and 90% of myopes have noticeable higher order aberrations that often affect absolute clarity of vision.
The Kamra inlay can be used to treat a wide range of patients including emmetropes, ametropes, post-LASIK patients and monofocal pseudophakes.
Furthermore, the researchers proved that the RWOG therapy shows no clinically significant changes in accommodation at near in presbyopic emmetropes.
senior lecturers in optometry, doctors Richard Calver and Ebi osuobeni received the Bernard Gilmartin ophthalmic and physiological optics award for their paper Peripheral refraction for distance and near vision in emmetropes and myopes, recognising it as the most highly regarded paper published in the journal ophthalmic & Physiological optics during the last five years.