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any agent that promotes menstrual discharge

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Here it can be seen that Sloane and others were well aware of the effect of Petiveria on mother's milk, meaning that its use of an emmenagogue, or plant that could restore menstruation, was most likely well-understood.
However, as mentioned above, treatments were historically aimed at reinstating menstruation using, among other means, herbal emmenagogues.
Uterine pessaries were prepared from emmenagogues (drugs stimulating menstruation) and boiled honey (Loc.
Similarly, the possible risks due to indigenous herbals such as galactogogues, emmenagogues, and abortifacients/ecbolics for the mother and antipyretics, antispasmodics/laxatives, expectorants and anthelmintics to the child during infancy and early childhood, could also have been examined.
Cette plante medicinale est tres appreciee par les femmes en raison de ses proprietes emmenagogues.
Les remedes preventifs, quant a eux, sont composes de plantes utilisees par ailleurs comme emmenagogues ou dans les remedes << pour faire grossir les nouveau-nes >>.
Research in rural northeast Thailand (15,16) suggests that the most common technique used by rural women is the consumption of herbal emmenagogues known generically as ya satri (women's medicine) or ya khap icuat (medicine to bring the blood down).