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the electrode in a transistor where electrons originate

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The guard beams are able to act faster than our quickest motions because those beams are reflected back to the emitter at the speed of light," said Gollakota.
0]) is calculated, which results from the sum of the pressure in the first emitter with the total head loss in the segment between this emitter and the beginning of the line.
The losses were also determined due to the projection of locally made online emitter barbs.
Asia-Pacific to continue to be the dominating region for the Infrared emitter & receiver market
Screen filter Traps particles that could clog the emitters.
He said that smoke emitter vehicles were not only dangerous to the human health but also to the plant life of capital.
Simulation offers flexibility in being able to model different types of signals such as wireless emitters (LTE, WCDMA, EDGE, GSM) as well as radar emitters with various kinds of modulation on the pulse.
Success achieved in experiments using a single-photon emitter for quantum cryptographic key distribution
You can use low volume, mini-sprinklers - they snap into polytheylene tubing just like emitters - to water ground covers.
M2 is available as a replacement emitter for the Krieger (K-6500, K-10000), Solaronics (GEM 7, GEM 9, GEM 10) and Impact (HDF emitter) gas-fired IR systems.
Because IR radiation drying is fundamentally different from convection drying, it is necessary to pursue a fuller understanding of the distribution of IR ray from an emitter which radiates to moist materials, especially involving cases in which each material in the drying chamber receives the radiation uniformly, such as a gas-fired infrared (GIR) dryer Consideration of the designing conditions of IR dryer was important to confirm that the IR radiation was uniformly radiated to the absorbing surface.
You'll learn, for instance, that your car is probably your biggest climate emitter, followed by your home, your food, your flights and your waste.
Acids are injected to control pH and chemical precipitation, including salt accumulations at the emitter outlets.
AEB's compact EB emitter has been paired with Jetrion's 3025 drop-on-demand inkjet system for high-speed cure of inkjet inks.
The point at which these lines of bearing cross is the emitter location.