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the electrode in a transistor where electrons originate

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The user no longer has to worry about snapping on emitters because they are already there.
Vulcatherm ceramic and quartz infrared emitters from Vulcan in the U.
The RF technology that Optoma has licensed from Bit Cauldron makes the 3D-RF glasses superior to glasses that rely on infrared signals from an emitter because the RF signal is not interrupted when the line of site is broken, allowing the user to look away from the screen without the glasses turning off.
The 8-degree narrow spot lens, coupled with the LZC 12-die, multi-color RGB, RGBA or RGBW emitters, provides effective in-source color mixing for dynamic color in entertainment and architectural lighting applications.
Treated emitter line from Geoflow is sold at most irrigation supply stores.
the world's leading supplier of stereoscopic visualization products, has introduced a family of new emitters to cover all types of stereoscopic viewing environments.
That cash acquired a 100 foot roll of 1/2 inch irrigation hose, a roll of 1/4 inch tubing, a female hose end connector, an assortment of emitters, and a hose end.
From the outset, we saw the potential of AEB's compact e-beam emitter to provide an unparalleled high speed, cost-effective curing solution that will have a strong positive impact, most notably on label production," says Ken Stack, president of Jetrion.
70 um, and a given distance between emitter and absorbing surface, such as of 0.
M2 is available as a replacement emitter for the Krieger (K-6500, K-10000), Solaronics (GEM 7, GEM 9, GEM 10) and Impact (HDF emitter) gas-fired IR systems.
Consider that a spray head from a single sprinkler may deliver two gallons of water per minute, which is 60 times more water per minute than that delivered by a single two gallons per hour drip emitter.
In the laser emitter R&D, Japan is behind Europe and the U.
With this release, the high power chip technology of the Series 8000 808nm is now available for a range of power levels, from fibre coupled single emitters at 6 W to multi-emitter, high-power, high-brightness, fibre coupled modules at 30 W.
Residents demanded a mechanism to banned un-repaired and smoke emitter vehicles for ensuring the protection of their health.