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According to Planck's law, the energy of the photon is inversely proportional to the wavelength of light; therefore, the ratio of observed to emitted fluxes should be multiplied by the wavelength ratio of emitted to observed light.
IRON FINDINGS The Suzaku discoveries rely on the detection of a wavelength of X-ray radiation emitted by hot iron atoms in the gas surrounding a black hole.
The film itself must be designed so that it is precisely sensitized to the light emitted by the chosen phosphorous material.
But area residents, some of whom live a half-mile from the site, want more information about pollutants - particularly dangerous dioxins - that could be emitted by the operation.
The technology, called NECSEL (Novalux Extended Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) creates a higher-power beam that is emitted in circular form from the surface of the chip, making it easier and cheaper to focus the beam without the added technical complexity of edge-emitting diode chips.
Blue laser light with a wavelength of 399 nanometers is emitted from the upper surface when light strikes the bottom of the chip.
The device absorbs heat emitted by objects on the road.
There are 187 HAPs listed by the EPA, and a number of them are emitted by various foundry processes.
Using well-established semiconductor manufacturing techniques, the team has fabricated LEDs on silicon wafers, the basic building blocks for most computer chips, as well as silicon optical detectors that respond efficiently to the wavelengths emitted by the LEDs.
They account for about one-quarter of the hydrocarbons emitted into the air.
A specially developed hemispherical lens, part of the standard equipment, improves the efficiency with which the light is emitted without affecting the beam characteristics.
Second, the bottom tier adds blue-green light to that emitted by the fluorescent pigment in the top tier.
It does not tell how much pollution actually reaches each school, showing instead how much is emitted nearby.
The Title V fee structure is based on a dollar amount paid per ton of pollutant emitted.
The ARB adopted the first phase of its hot spots program in 1989, as provided in AB 2588 by former Assemblyman Lloyd Connelly, D-Sacramento, requiring the state's 4,100 largest industrial polluters emitting more than 25 tons of zone-producing pollutants to inventory toxic compounds at their facilities to determine the amount of toxics emitted.