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For example, a gray iron cupola generally emits PM, carbon monoxide (CO), NO and [SO.
For regions with a "Moderate" level of pollution by EPA definition, a major source is one that emits 100 TPY, and is allowed six years for compliance.
In conclusion we found EMIT to be a rapid, viable, and specific assay for measuring CsA concentrations in transplant recipients.
When combined with support from emWare's consulting and services organization and its cooperative efforts with Extend The Internet (ETI) Alliance(TM) members, EMIT software is the most cost-effective, end-to-end solution for networking everyday products," added Nelson.
The EMIT Pro Software Developers Kit (SDK) offers professional embedded systems developers a full suite of emWare tools with a variety of software and hardware components to build complete device-networking prototypes.
Addressing the laboratory's need for speed and true workstation consolidation, the AU800 and EMIT System will incorporate primary tube/bar code sampling with liquid, ready-to-use general chemistries and EMIT II(R) and EMIT 2000(R) assays.
In addition, the team has fabricated LEDs that emit white light, leading to the possibility of thin, low-voltage backlighting for portable displays.
However, the biodiesel plants that produce biodiesel do emit GWG because they require heating input usually from natural gas, which is not renewable and emits CO(2), and they also require electricity from local utilities, which emit CO(2), and finally the chemical processes uses 10% methanol (wood alcohol) usually supplied from sources outside the U.
For any given temperature and wavelength, it specifies exactly how much radiation an idealized thermal source known as a black body will emit.
Using data gathered during the first reporting phase from the state's 4,100 facilities that emit more than 25 tons of ozone-forming pollution each year, the ARB has separated facilities into three categories, with individual reporting requirements for each group based on their potential to emit toxics:
As each atom zips through the space between paired mirrors, photons already bouncing back from the mirrors stimulate it to emit a photon (SN: 12/24&31/94, p.
When electrons drop into those middle levels, they emit photons with less energy, and therefore longer wavelengths, than usual.
The devices require very little electrical current to produce optical energy output of 850nm and above, and they emit a narrow, circular beam that makes it easy to transmit the light into an optical fiber.