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spectrum of electromagnetic radiation emitted by a self-luminous source

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J is the overlap integral of the fluorescence emission spectrum of the donor and the absorption spectrum of the acceptor in units [M.
Hence, the emission spectrum of the thin film is composed of two emission bands which appear at 400 and 518 nm and are attributed to the enol-imine and ketoenamine, respectively.
Although there is a concentration-dependent increase in the emission spectrum for the immunoassay run using microwave heating, the emission spectra measured from the immunoassay at room temperature are virtually the same for all the concentrations of TnI.
the use of LED with wider emission spectrum generates the highest DC values regardless of the photo-initiator type; and
Each well was excited at 450 nm, using a spectrophotometer (Spectramax M2, Molecular Devices), and the emission spectrum was measured in 6-nm increments.
The proposed mechanism for the increase in dysplastic nevi lies in the emission spectrum of blue-light photo lamps, according to Dr.
Surprisingly, as told on page 18 of last month's issue, the emission spectrum showed no sign of water.
In conventional emission spectroscopy, a sample is warmed above ambient temperature until it emits sufficient IR light, and then the emission spectrum is recorded.
Characteristic fluorescence emission spectrum (380 nm-500 nm) of each test well was collected after excitation at 360 nm to determine emission background.
The crystal's structure makes it possible to "tune" the emission spectrum of their thermal source and restrict it to a very narrow spectral range, as narrow as 1 [micro]m full-width at half-maximum (FWHM).
These Ag-coated mirrors increase reflectance and absorb nearly all UV light, eliminating UV excitation energy from the emission spectrum.
Infrared energy, which is emitted in wavelengths, has a peak emission spectrum of 3 to 7 microns, while water has peak absorption of 3, 4.
This heat corresponds to some visible but mostly to the infrared emission spectrum, with peak emission wavelength of around three microns.
A very broad light emission spectrum and good CIE color coordinates (0.
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