eminent domain

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the right of the state to take private property for public use

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There are currently hundreds of private companies afforded eminent domain authority in Texas, including dozens of private railroad companies, according to a list maintained by the state comptroller's office.
The continued upturn in property development and construction of capital improvements has again resulted in an active year for the Eminent Domain Committee.
Henderson Franklin is the largest, locally-based law firm between Tampa and Miami with 55 attorneys dedicated to providing a wide range of legal services in the areas of business and tax planning, estate planning, family law, commercial and civil litigation, eminent domain, immigration law, intellectual property, workers' compensation, employment law, real estate, and land use and environmental law.
Many appraisers find appraising for eminent domain purposes an interesting specialty for all or part of their practice.
Nasrin and Saeed Kholghy say they have long wanted to develop the area themselves, but have been foiled by the city government, which has resorted to eminent domain and an outside developer.
10) Because the trustees were unwilling to sell the parcel, the Port Authority attempted to acquire the land through a powerful statutory vehicle: eminent domain.
If negotiations fail and the city opts to use eminent domain, the trustees and servicers have a right to just compensation determined in court, the city wrote.
How did you become an expert in eminent domain law?
The FHFA also questioned the constitutional legality of using eminent domain to seize mortgages, citing consumer protection laws and questioning the role of local governments in valuing securities.
House of Representatives passed, by voice vote, a bill that would prevent the use of eminent domain on property to be used for economic development in all but a list of specific cases, including the construction of a road, hospital, airport, or military base.
The bill creates safe harbor for specific "public purpose" activities that necessitate eminent domain, such as the construction of roads, hospital facilities, airports or military bases.
As a convenience store owner, you need to know something about the latest published research on eminent domain takings and their impact on the value of convenience retail properties.
The papers were first presented at an April 2007 symposium at Florida State University's Law School on the uses and abuses of eminent domain and regulatory takings.
legislative front, many states altered their eminent domain statutes or
The proposed laws, spearheaded by Assembly member Richard Brodsky and State Senator Bill Perkins, aim to limit eminent domain's scope by creating a commission to review the state's eminent domain practices and by ensuring a greater level of compensation for property owners' whose land is seized.