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But I was not an eminent traveller-- and my way in this world had not led me into playing ducks and drakes with my own life, among thieves and murderers in the outlandish places of the earth.
With all respect to you, Eminent Bodymaster, I think it may matter very much to us.
I apologize, Eminent Bodymaster, to you and to every brother in this lodge if I have said more than I should.
Justice MB Lokur said while there was no problem with consulting eminent persons from all walks of life in appointing judges but that they can veto decisions of the CJI or the President was "unthinkable".
The government in Glendale, Colorado, has now authorized eminent domain to get land that a Texas developer would use to create a large bar/restaurant/ entertainment venue.
In addition to eminent domain matters, Kelly handles other real property disputes, business claims, including fraud and contract lawsuits, shareholder disputes, and other claims between business partners.
Currently, companies seeking common carrier status need only to mark a line on a permit application - an honor system that has spurred legal battles over eminent domain claims.
ABOUT THE NC EMINENT DOMAIN LAW FIRM: A division of the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm is dedicated solely to representing property owners throughout North Carolina, who may be impacted by eminent domain law.
It also was in August that the city became embroiled in lawsuits against some of the biggest banks over eminent domain.
The Asian Development Bank Eminent Speakers Forum will be attended by ADB senior management and staff, as well as representatives from the Philippine Government, the development partner community, academia and civil society.
Author of the New Hampshire chapter of the new 600-page book, "The Law of Eminent Domain: Fifty State Survey, 2011/2012," he is now with Orr & Reno in Concord where he specializes in real estate development and finance, title insurance, eminent domain, zoning and land use and tax issues.
pdf) notice that "action may be necessary" in response to eminent domain actions but didn't offer specifics.
In December 2009, the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) filed a petition seeking to exercise the power of eminent domain over several tracts of land in Riley County, Kansas, including a tract owned by Oscar Armendariz.
Eminent domain is making it possible for Columbia University to expand in Harlem, and it was used in the 1990s as part of the economic revitalization of Times Square.
The bill would prohibit federal, state and local governments that receive federal economic development funds from using eminent domain to acquire land for economic development purposes.