eminence grise

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(French) a person who exercises power or influence in certain areas without holding an official position

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Parmi eux trois hommes tres en vue mais divisant profondement l'opinion: Omar Souleimane, ancien chef des redoutables services secrets du president dechu Hosni Moubarak, Khairat al-Chater, riche homme d'affaires et eminence grise des Freres musulmans, et Hazem Abou Ismail, un salafiste au discours populiste, a rapporte l'AFP.
And I consider myself a young Turk in the newsroom, even though the actual young Turks think of me as some sort of bumbling eminence grise.
The author quickly earned the enmity of such key figures in the Blair regime as the Prime Minister's sharpish wife and his ever conniving eminence grise Peter Mandelson.
Helmuth Rilling, the festival's eminence grise, conducts the full festival chorus and orchestra for the two performances of Beethoven.
True, Flom for several years had served more as an eminence grise in his firm than as a hands-on combatant; and Lipton has become a major voice in corporate governance policy generally (not just in the context of takeovers).
Aplin, playing a supple, Svengali-like eminence grise, orchestrates a conflict tango between Howe and Duncan.
He is the undisputed eminence grise, who is incredibly well liked and respected.
The Eminence Grise Partnership were out in force to welcome Woodlark Island after a game front-running win in the 2m handicap chase.
It is as if Russell Kirk had written the most damning indictment of the Vietnam War and then become the eminence grise of SDS.
Instead, Abbas was one of three Arab leaders in Sharm Al Shaikh, which assembled the European eminence grise to boast the so-called moderate camp.
It was Labour's eminence grise, the puppet master behind the scenes, Tom McCabe, who was actually responsible.
Summary: Youssef Chahine, the eminence grise of Egyptian cinema and one of the best-known Arab film directors, died Sunday in Cairo.
From such an eminence grise of Reformation historiography as Dufour, a light but thoroughly informed touch is most welcome.
She was also known as the eminence grise in local politics.