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someone who leaves one country to settle in another

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The son of a political sciences professor at London School of Economics, and an Jewish-American emigree, Will read philosophy at Oxford but became a writer and journalist.
The memoir describes his life from early childhood and on through military service during World War I, involvement in Sokol, resistance to the Nazis under the leadership of General Dagoljub Mihajlovich, emigration to California, and continuing involvement in Slovenian liberal emigree circles surrounding the Slovenian Democratic Party.
There he meets Margit, an elegant Hungarian emigree who, like Harry, is alone.
an emigree to the United States following the fall of the Republic of Vietnam, marvels at the special treatment accorded Giap.
He has gripping conversations with an emigree painter named Parastu Forouhar, whose parents were brutally murdered by government goons, and who now travels back and forth between Germany and Iran in a risky, quixotic attempt to bring to justice the men responsible for the killing.
A deeply personal and candid recording of an extraordinary time, No Escape provides a vivid portrait of how normal, intelligent people reacted to Hitler's propaganda, daily life under the German dictator, escape from a war-ravaged Europe, and an inspiring renewal of life and freedom as an emigree to Canada.
He met his first African girlfriend, an emigree from Mall, on the dance floor at an Abidjan night club, and a trip to her birthplace brought him in touch with the past glories of the continent.
Letters from her mother's Viennese friend Walter, from Anna's Jewish friends in Moscow, and from Ilana, a recent emigree to Israel, are carried by "Gelegenheiten" (opportunities)--messengers traveling between the West, East Germany, and the Soviet Union--and testify to the existence of a canny international community able to circumvent censors and thus in some small way undermine the repressive GDR system.
The ashes of the Russian emigree ballerina Anna Pavlova are to remain in London--at least for the time being--after plans to fly them to Russia and re-inter them in Moscow's Novodevichy Cemetery next to other Russian greats such as Anton Chekhov and Sergei Prokofiev were thwarted at the last moment.
He-Haver was formed by Russian emigree students in Berlin in 1912 and had underground branches in Jewish schools in several Russian cities.
Vita Sackville-West was one of the few to recognize "a woman of character" in this German emigree, one whose poetry has been under-rated and whose vision of nature "esteemed not sufficiently.
And then I was aware that I already knew that she was a middle-European emigree.
About four years ago, we got a call from Vadim Yasinovsky, a Russian emigree who wanted us to look at a new utility held created for producing flow charts from dBase code.
Plus tard, refusant de s'enregimenter aux cotes des identites amorphes multipliees indefiniment par le regime communiste dans son effort de survivre a sa faussete, Babu a eu le courage d'exprimer son identite soit dans son journal, soit dans les lettres qu'il ecrivait a sa fille Olga, emigree aux Etats-Unis, soit encore par des gestes publics.