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Synonyms for emigre

one forced to emigrate, usually for political reasons

a person coming from another country or into a new community

Synonyms for emigre

someone who leaves one country to settle in another

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While the million Vietnamese emigres here will welcome their brew from home, Hue Beer will appeal to Americans as well," says Malone who began negotiating for the privilege of importing the brew in July, 1991, until shipment could be made following the lifting in February of the 19-year U.
The second section, "After 1989: The Search for a New Contract between Authors and Readers," deals with the effects on writers of democracy and a market economy, the new publication of previously suppressed or 1945-48 emigre work, much of the latter Christian in orientation, and a confused mixture of new work.
Becker has already given Russian emigre Angela Ermakowa a lump sum of EUR48,000 and is paying EUR6,350 a month for his daughter, Anna, two-and-a-half.
The 46-year-old Ukrainian emigre owns three master's degrees, including one from the University of Southern California, but she admits to feeling like a first-grader in court.
But any attempt to consider how particular movements interacted, overlapped and influenced each other, or the critical effect of migration (for instance the importance of the European emigre contribution to art and architecture in America since the Second World War) is simply not entertained, because of the curatorial urge to obsessively compartmentalize and liberate art from the supposedly moribund corset of chronology.
New York City's burgeoning Russian emigre community turned out in such force that pleas to turn off cellular phones and beepers were made in Russian as well as English before each performance.
Like Pool herself, Hanna is the daughter of a Jewish emigre father, an unsuccessful poet with whom she has a tumultuous relationship ("My father wasn't very talented, but he had a lot to say," Pool says), and a non-Jewish mother with severe emotional problems (Pool's was Swiss-German, Hanna's is French-Canadian).
In the past half century, one of the most striking phenomena in American intellectual life has been the influence of European emigre intellectuals who fled Hitler (or in some cases Stalin) in the 1930s and 1940s.
In late November, NASA approved plans for a flyby to this pristine emigre from the solar system's outer reaches.
Nasdaq:BITS), today announced the addition of its 100th font foundry, Emigre, to its growing list of world-class font foundries.
Le Chabab de Belouizdad a boucle son recrutement par l'engagement d'un joueur emigre.
of Ottawa) argues that Russian emigre actor Michael Chekhov (1891-55), nephew of Anton Chekhov and a disciple of Stanislavskii, created an inclusive, semiotic, and transductive acting theory that is particularly relevant for today's intercultural and interdisciplinary performance practice.
Arriving in the capital in 1906, Modigliani already spoke French fluently and unlike other Jewish emigre artists in Montparnasse like Chagall and Soutine he was not primarily identified as a Jew.
Regrets also to Editorial Board member Alamgir Hashmi for introducing an error into his Winter issue review of Abdullah Hussein's novel Emigre Journeys (p.
Dimitri Roudnev, a Moscow-trained recent Russian emigre, with Oxana Konobeyeva of American Ballet Theatre, dazzled in Petipa's Don Quixote pas de deux, a dance that is designed to dazzle.