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Synonyms for emigre

one forced to emigrate, usually for political reasons

a person coming from another country or into a new community

Synonyms for emigre

someone who leaves one country to settle in another

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Le nombre des Tunisiens ayant emigre clandestinement vers l'Italie depuis 2011 a depasse plus de 35 mille jeunes, d'apres Abderrahman Hedhili, president du Forum Tunisien pour les Droits economiques et sociaux (FTDES).
Rewakowicz presents members of the New York Group as emigre writers who were not driven by nostalgia for Ukraine; in fact, they were stimulated by their exilic condition and embraced it as something positive.
23 November] 1903--5 December 1971) was a Russian emigre writer of Ossetian extraction.
There was no significant change in the number of patents that existing inventors produced in the fields of star emigre scientists.
Growing with Canada: The Emigre Tradition in Canadian Music, Paul Helmer, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2009.
Another and more peculiar bias is the treatment of emigre scholars.
A US emigre, Daniel Pomerantz, on Tuesday launched the first Hebrew language edition of the popular men's magazine.
Driven to Darkness: Jewish Emigre Directors and the Rise of Film Noir, by Vincent Brook.
However, notwithstanding these and such other obstacles as the emigre musicians' supposedly ignorant students and their allegedly culturally inferior American neighbors and colleagues, they stayed--in Crawford's view--mostly amongst themselves and worked tirelessly to transform "hell" into "heaven," taking on the role of moral leaders, fighting the ram-pant materialism, and trying to replicate European-style musical infrastructures in the American Southwest.
The Diary of a Prime Minister of Anti-Bolshevik Governments and an Emigre in China], ed.
In fact, even in Turkish and German-speaking countries, the conditions under which Turkey provided a secure base for the emigre professors and their contributions to the advances in various scientific disciplines on a world scale are not well enough appreciated.
El libro negro del terror nazi en Europa: Testimonio de escritores y artistas de 16 naciones (1) (The Black Book of Nazi Terror in Europe: Testimony of Authors and Artists from 16 Nations) was published in Mexico City in 1943 in two editions under the auspices of the exile press El Libro Libre, which historian Alexander Stephan has described as "perhaps at that time the most important emigre publishing firm in the world.
Returning to his American homeland, she disturbingly unearths FBI files on him and also learns of the tragedies faced by her grandfather, a Russian emigre Jew.
Cedric The Entertainer narrates as Big Willie Dixon, with Adrien Brody entrepreneurial Polish emigre Leonard Chess and Jeffrey Wright first signing, Muddy Waters.
A debut collection of short stories about the emigre journey to and from post-Soviet Russia.