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  • verb

Synonyms for emigrate

move abroad


Synonyms for emigrate

to leave one's native land and settle in another

Antonyms for emigrate

leave one's country of residence for a new one

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Niamh said: "Almost everyone I know will be missing family members because they're either working or have emigrated.
Unfortunately two changes of house, soon after she emigrated, was the cause of my losing her address and I have been unable to learn anything of her since then.
There were also quite a few famous people whose families had emigrated out of the UK, namely the Bee Gees and the Young brothers of the AC/DC band.
Some 87% of Egyptians emigrated for economic reasons; 10% for social reasons and 3% for other reasons.
Reports suggest Mr Amatt, who served with the Lancashire Fusiliers during World War II, would have lost PS65,000 in pension payments had he emigrated when he and wife Rosemary, who died six years ago, considered the move in 1981.
Nigel emigrated to Australia a few years ago to further his sporting career and returned to Yorkshire last year.
Ludwig Leichhardt was a natural scientist who emigrated from Germany to Australia in 1842 and proceeded to have major adventures in the outback.
Many from China's coastal provinces emigrated illegally.
More than 2 percent of the country's population have emigrated during the past two years, reports the BBC News.
A MAJORITY of those who have emigrated over the past four years have done so by choice, a shock survey shows.
Out of them, 14 percent have either emigrated or applied, and 60 percent want to leave to seek better education opportunities for their children.
Michael Dunn, 52, (inset) who was originally from Connah's Quay, sustained third-degree burns over much of his body and had been in hospital in Australia, where he had emigrated.
An exact number of 11, 635 people immigrated to Macedonia in the period of 2006 - 2010 which is three times more than 3, 898 persons who emigrated from the country over the past five years.
Once the other parent has emigrated from the UK, it becomes far more difficult to negotiate contact arrangements and in some countries it may be impossible to get contact started if the other parent prevents you from having it.