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a medicine that induces nausea and vomiting

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There is some evidence that vestibular inputs modify the emetic response from other stimuli: a history of motion sickness is a risk factor for development of PINV, PONV and CINV.
For moderate emetic risk, a 5HT3 antagonist is given before each fraction only.
The length of the recovery period reflects the adequacy of management of the emetic phase.
First, a laxative of rhubarb or calomel or an emetic, ipecac, to be followed up with a mixture of rust of iron, powdered columbo root, and orange peel twice a day for four weeks.
Combining antiemetics that act on different receptor sites may result in improved efficacy, so instead of increasing the dose of 25 mg of Phenergan (promethazine) or 8 mg of ondansetron, for example, another antiemetic agent that works on different emetic receptors can be added to improve efficacy, Dr.
Like lobelia, it is an emetic in large doses that when combined with nicotine will cause nausea and can be used as a deterrent in this way.
The emetic syndrome is associated with acute vomiting and nausea.
And Jonson's "purge" of Marston in Poetaster ("Horace" purging "Crispinus") would have been a clearer example of the shameful emetic than Paster's provocative but finally less persuasive reading of Titania and Bottom.
Apparently, he had five major episodes of mental derangement, and when the king sank into his madness, his physicians gave him emetic tartar.
Roberto and Emetic filmed lines and hit some thick rails, pretty fun set up.
It is a short book, but potent, perhaps the single most emetic exercise in academic sentimentality we have ever encountered.
Investigators are also about to identify the genes responsible for the production of emetic toxins--vomiting toxins.
The shock or emetic of beyond--art's erotic challenge through language's alterity--disturbs when one encounters writing that is not about tasks or making sense (although it can do this in the process) but sets up through idiosyncratic language the strange visual and nonvisual confrontation placed under the sign of "art.