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Introduction: The incidence of chemotherapy-induced late emesis and vomiting in pediatric oncology patients and the related factors were investigated.
The procedure resulted in less prominent stridor, stertor, and retractions, as well as resolution of the daily emesis.
Days 2-4 of emesis prevention in chemotherapy with a moderate emetic risk can involve one of the following: a lower dose of dexamethasone; ondansetron, granisetron, dolasetron, or metoclopramide with or without diphenhydramine; if aprepitant was used on day 1, a lower dose of aprepitant may be administered with dexamethasone on days 2-3; lorazepam may be added to any of the antiemetic regimens if necessary.
The patent, entitled "Nasal administration of agents for treatment of delayed onset emesis," was issued by the USPTO on June 2, 1998 as U.
Upon arrival, he became unhappy with the staff because I was given no emesis basin while I waited for the triage nurse.
Contract notice: Supply and delivery of crates and barrels for hcw, archiving of cases for medical records and emesis basins and plateaus.
no emesis and no need for rescue medication) ranging from 55 to 60% of the patients over the 3-4 cycles.
This critical review of the research literature focuses on the empirical research on the effectiveness of hypnotic treatments as adjuncts to medical care for anxiety related to medical and dental procedures, asthma, dermatological diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, hemorrhagic disorders, nausea and emesis in oncology, and obstetrics/gynecology.
NEGOTIATIONS to bring Amir Khan's Olympic n emesis, Mario Kindelan, to England on a three-year deal are well advanced.
Later studies in both cats and squirrel monkeys, which might have involved more accurate ablation of the area postrema, demonstrated no protection from motion-induced emesis.
Noel experienced recurrent emesis and diarrhea, probably from brushing his teeth with tap water.
The primary end point in this analysis funded by Merck Research Laboratories was a complete response, defined as no emesis and no rescue antiemetic therapy on days 1-5 following chemotherapy.
Most patients can be managed with bed rest, analgesics, intravenous fluids, and nasogastric suction if emesis is severe.