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cloth covered with powdered emery

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The artist then strapped emery cloth onto parts of his body (knees, elbows, stomach) and performed strenuous, repetitive swimming and crawling motions on the panels, removing the paint in streaks to produce a negative image.
You can increase the sensitivity of your fingers by running them over a piece of emery cloth or sandpaper several times, or by running them over a rough concrete floor.
An NAVS expert said: "Two of the four patches of burns on each pig were rubbed with an abrasive emery cloth soaked in antiseptic to remove the surface layers of burned skin to the point of bleeding.
When installing the bearing on a shaft, maintenance personnel too often pull out an emery cloth if the fit is too tight.
If rust is present, use a wire brush to get rid of large pieces of corrosion, then sand with an emery cloth.
Strips from used sander belts or emery cloth help smooth turned pieces like table legs, and you can buy lengths of abrasive cord or tape for reaching into tight grooves.
emery cloth Type : fine grade : 120 uom : meter to be supplied in roll, emery cloth type : fine grade : 80 uom : meter to be supplied in roll.
In Les Baer's shop they use a store bought lug cutter and finish the job by hand -- with files and emery cloth.
Wipe the inside edges of the rim with very fine emery cloth to remove all rust or other residue.
Remove the spark plug and clean it, using emery cloth to remove any deposit from the electrodes.
Our shop uses a form ground lathe bit for the initial sporting muzzle crown, shifting the cutting from the inside half to the outside half, then a light central cleanup, followed by a hand-held emery cloth polish, on down to about 400 grit oiled sandpaper.
Limited Tenders are invited for Emery Cloth Sheet - Reg.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1) Emery Cloth Tape Roll Grit 120 , 25 Mm Width X 50 Lg Roll, Qty: 18 No 2) Emery Paste , Silicon Carbide Compound Coarse, 1 Box Contain 400 Gms , Qty: 20 No