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(astronomy) the reappearance of a celestial body after an eclipse

the act of emerging


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The anaerobic end products D-lactate and, to a lesser extent, tauropine increase steadily in air-exposed abalone (Wells & Baldwin 1995), and their accumulation in muscle tissue has been proposed as emersion stress indicators (Baldwin et al.
Hossein Maki described it as: before emersion of Reza Shah, central government of Iran had nonsense name and threaten the rebels in some kilometers of capital.
Overall, our results indicated that acclimation to recurring stress of emersion did not significantly impact growth rates or survival of either mussel species, either before or after being exposed to three days of extreme high temperatures (32[degrees]C).
The stability of these compounds might be mainly caused by their tight link with settling particles and therefore quick emersion under the oxidizing conditions.
To assess the reliability of the method, two technical actions (head emersion and hand entry) were 32 times repeatedly digitalized by the same researcher, with a coefficient of variation less than 1% between the results and no statistical differences (p < 0.
This unit is a multiday emersion in data exploration that weaves together outdoor (first-hand) data collection, evaluating second-hand data, a laboratory investigation, and support for student learning and assessment.
He sets the stage for what happens here mid-century with European refugee and American artists--someone like [Willem] de Kooning was very much in the spirit of Bellows, in his paint handling, emersion in older art, embrace of the culture around him and Fin] being deeply traditional in wanting to master techniques.
C'est d'ailleurs la raison pour laquelle, nombreux sont nos artistes qui se trouvent dans la gene, une fois sortis de l'eau, tel un poisson en emersion.
Some 35 minutes before the event, the star was seen to wink five times, and after emersion this observation was repeated symmetrically.
Ralph Waldo Emersion wrote; "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.
It took me a few minutes to see Mattie emerge completely dry from full emersion in a stream but I guess this is the way they used to make 'em.
After emersion of the specimen, the vessel was shaken so as to allow air bubbles, which remained in surface pores of some of castings to come up on the surface.
Even with his early emersion to the world of produce and life as a grocer's son, Harmon says he was still surprised by a few things.
The five stages are identified as (1) Pre-Encounter Stage (Anti-Blackness/Pro-Whiteness orientation), (2) Encounter Stage (a purely transitioning process moving away from the Pre-Encounter state provoked by contradicting experience), (3) Immersion-Emersion Stage (immersing into a pro-Blackness/anti-Whiteness orientation followed by contradicting experiences provoking an emersion to a more balanced pro-Blackness/pro-Whiteness orientation), and (4) Internalization Stage (reflecting a post-race nationalism or racially transcendent orientation--an appreciation of diversity/multi-culturalism and Global-Third World sensitivity.