emergency room

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a room in a hospital or clinic staffed and equipped to provide emergency care to persons requiring immediate medical treatment


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This was the first randomized study of Medicaid's effect on emergency room usage.
Moreover, emergency room incorporates CT scanner, digital X-ray equipment, ultrasound equipment and accredited labs.
The dissenting opinion agreed with the majority that Nevada law does not currently support the imposition of an absolute nondelegable duty upon hospitals to render competent services to its emergency room patients.
The plan also includes the construction of 1,750 new beds and the replacement of 662 long-term care beds to relieve the pressures on hospitals and emergency rooms.
At their instigation, Reynolds formed a non-profit entity with a sole function of supporting the annual administrative shortfall of the emergency room.
Look to the left of you; look to the right: One of you will go to an emergency room in the next 12 months, and you want to be sure that a quality emergency room like this one is there for you,'' she said.
People use the emergency department as their primary physician a lot of times," says LaKenya Linton, a former emergency room nurse for Children's Hospital in Philadelphia.
The half-cent sales tax, which was first approved by the voters in 1995 for a five-year term and renewed in 2000, brings in about $600,000 a year for the 25-bed hospital to use for its 24-hour emergency room.
General closed, city hospitals have seen their emergency rooms overrun by poor and uninsured patients.
Vital signs recorded on emergency room admission included temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate.
Some people do go to the emergency room for non-emergency care.
For emergency room doctors, appendicitis can be a tough call.
NYSE: ADPT), owner and operator of First Choice Emergency Room, the largest network of independent freestanding emergency rooms in the United States, today announced that Adeptus Health executives Thomas S.
It is not a bad thing -- where they're trying to rebuild the emergency room and trying to have a bigger capacity,'' said Carol Mayer, director of Los Angeles County's Department of Emergency Services.
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