emergency medicine

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the branch of medicine concerned with the prompt diagnosis and treatment of injuries or trauma or sudden illness

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elections and trends, Charlie Cook, who will discuss "The Affordable Care Act: It's Promise for Emergency Medicine.
There were 200 candidates and 64 examiners from across Britain, including colleagues from the University Hospital of Wales Department of Emergency Medicine.
In addition to writing on pediatrics and emergency medicine, Adirim's publications include sports medicine articles and abstracts on injuries in the young athlete, exercise-assisted collapse, sudden cardiac death in athletes, sports and exercise in children with disabilities, and neuropsychological assessment of concussions in soccer.
The emergency medicine residents would spend six weeks at Antelope Valley Hospital, Dyne said.
Antoine Kazzi, an associate professor of medicine in the division of emergency medicine at the University of California at Irvine.
For the group of patients studied, Emergency Medicine Excellence Hospitals had, on average, 41 percent lower riskadjusted mortalitythan all other hospitals.
The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) is dedicated to the improvement of care of the acutely ill and injured patient by improving research and education.
He was awarded the Emergency Medicine Residents' National Excellence in Teaching Award in 2008 and the American College of Emergency Physicians National Faculty Teaching Award in 2010.
The conference aims to display the latest emergency medicine in the areas of ambulance, rescue and rapid intervention in emergency and critical cases.
Other topics and work papers included in the conference program are emergency preparedness criteria; quality assurance in emergency medicine; the role of EMS in emergency medicine and in injury prevention; stroke care; emergency airway management; the role of simulation in emergency medicine; lessons learned from the Philippines typhoon; ethical considerations in emergency settings; and the future of emergency medicine care," he said.
FACEP, FAAEM, chair of the department of emergency medicine at South Nassau Communities Hospital, has been named the recipient of both the New York State (NYS) Emergency Medical Services Council's and Nassau County Regional Emergency Medical Services Council's 2013 Physician of Excellence Award.
Programme Director Emergency Medicine (SIH) Dr Abdus Salam Khan said emergency medicine is an emerging field and very new specialty in Pakistan.
Choo began his career as an emergency medicine specialist physician and later added to his expertise by becoming medical director of an occupational health clinic and a hyperbaric medicine and wound center.
provides a study guide for the American Board of Emergency Medicine written certification exam that contains about 800 board-style questions on all topics in emergency medicine.
Kelly, DO, FACEP, the associate chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pa.
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