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a large dose of estrogen taken orally within 24 to 72 hours after intercourse

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They can advise on the prevention and treatment of STIs, pregnancy testing kits, emergency hormonal contraception, condoms and other contraception as well as being able to tell you about local NHS services too.
Paul Mayberry, managing director of Mayberry Pharmacy, said: "The sooner women take emergency hormonal contraception, the more effective it is.
Dudley EHC" returns a list of places for free emergency hormonal contraception such as pharmacies, local clinics and drop-in centres, and "Dudley Pregnant" for the DRYC telephone number, which will provide help and advice for women and their partners who think they may be pregnant.
Level 2 Enhanced Sexual Health Services Including Chlamydia Screening and Chlamydia Testing Kits & Condom Distribution, Emergency Hormonal Contraception, Long-Acting Reversible Contraception, (anticipated annual combined contract value 1 700 000 GBP to 1 800 000 GBP).
EARLIER this month Health Minister Edwina Hart announced all pharmacies across Wales will be able to offer emergency hormonal contraception free of charge from April.
Pharmacists can also provide advice and support on sexual health such as prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, Chlamydia testing, and supply of emergency hormonal contraception and condoms.
Many provide emergency hormonal contraception sometimes known as the morning after pill ( some even free of charge.
The pills, known as Emergency Hormonal Contraception, are provided through chemists including branches of Boots in Leamington and Warwick.
Women over the age of 16 in the UK have been able to purchase progestogen-only emergency hormonal contraception from pharmacists without prescription since January 2001.
It also commissions services from GPs and pharmacies, such as chlamydia screening, long acting reversible contraception and emergency hormonal contraception.
From February this year, emergency hormonal contraception has been available free of charge over the counter from specially selected chemists in the area.
Women across Leamington, Warwick, Rugby, Kenilworth and Stratford can now pick up the Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) through branches of Boots and other chemists in the area.
But the Health Authority has turned down a scheme proposed by the Flintshire Local Health Group for another approach to tackling the problem - by making emergency hormonal contraception, the "morning after pill", available through pharmacists.
Making emergency hormonal contraception available over the counter is not associated with an increase in its use, according to surveys conducted in Great Britain before and after nonprescription sale of this drug was legalized.
Impact on contraceptive practice of making emergency hormonal contraception available over the counter in Great Britain: repeated cross sectional surveys.
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