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a stairway (often on the outside of a building) that permits exit in the case of fire or other emergency


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The new charges will affect people who want to ensure they sit together on a flight and anyone with a preference for window, aisle or emergency exit seats.
A seat in an emergency exit row will cost pounds 50 and can be booked between 10 and four days before take-off.
The system store and simultaneously emit light giving highly visible emergency exit guidance for up to 16 hours in darkness following a short period of charging with normal cabin lighting.
A statement by Kent Police said officers had become "increasingly concerned" about the lack of safe access or emergency exit routes from the site in Dux Court Road, near Hoo.
FAULTY smoke alarms, blocked emergency exits and an emergency exit sign that pointed in the wrong direction headed a catalogue of safety offences committed by a Northumberland hotel.
Rows two through five and the two emergency exit rows on JetBlue's A320s, which comprise the bulk of its fleet, will offer 38 inches of pitch and cost an additional $10 per way on short-haul flights, $15 on medium-haul and $20 on long-haul, a spokesperson said.
China Airlines spokesman Sun Hung-wen told reporters in Taipei the aircraft skidded on the tarmac on its way from the runway to the gate after landing at the Okinawa airport, starting a fire that prompted the emergency exit.
Witnesses said the fire broke out near the driver's seat and quickly engulfed the bus, the reports said, adding the bus did not have an emergency exit.
In addition to stairways P1-P8, emergency exit stairways are located at both ends of the station platform.
Wysong suggests that larger fliers request particular seats; an emergency exit seat will give a tall traveler more legroom, for example.
In order to cover the whole area, Bosch installed 19 security systems, 18,000 fire alarms, 460 emergency exit terminals and 1,900 magnetic contacts.
To those accustomed to reading Clarence Major's wonderfully self-reflexive metafictions such as Reflex and Bone Structure and Emergency Exit, his new novel One Flesh will come as quite a surprise since it is, formally at least, a conventional "realistic" novel complete with linear plot, a fully reified setting, plausible characters, and a stable third person point of view.
The gunman stole that cash and fled out an emergency exit.
Designed to be attractive, affordable, and easy to install, they provide loss prevention and life safety at emergency exit doors.
Each new novel during this period showed another Facet of his literary alchemy, including works such as All-Night Visitors (1969), No (1973), Reflex and Bone Structure (1975), Emergency Exit (1979), and My Amputations (1986).
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