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Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the bristling leader who has given Kemal Ataturk's secular Turkey an Islamic tinge and an eastward-looking inclination, should know better than to invoke the Nazis when speaking of a state that emerged from the ashes of European Jewry.
last year when it emerged from the ashes of bankruptcy.
When Honda pulled out in 2008, Button's career appeared to have hit the buffers - only to be revived in sensational fashion by the team that emerged from the ashes.
Amazingly companies like Vonage, Skype and a slew of others emerged from the ashes and showed innovation was alive and well.
Dance music emerged from the ashes of bored synthesiser players who knew they had much more to offer the world.
After Brawn emerged from the ashes, and in order to remain in F1, Button accepted a pounds 5m pay cut, while he was even forced to pay for the flights and hotel bills for himself and his entourage.
As you may remember from our May 4 issue, several new businesses had emerged from the ashes of Alltel Corp.
Button's Brawn GP team, which has emerged from the ashes of the former Honda F1 operation, have been the revelation of pre-season testing, with the Briton and teammate Rubens Barrichello setting the pace at recent meetings in Barcelona and Jerez.
are going to continue to throw good money after bad on a network that you can't really say emerged from the ashes of The WB and UPN, because, really, it never actually emerged.
A free, family-friendly affair taking place at the castle, it's headlined by The Crimea, the boys who emerged from the ashes of The Crocketts.
Telent, which emerged from the ashes of local giants Marconi and GEC, has revealed it will move from its base in Coventry - 11 miles down the road - to an 83,000 sq ft building on the Opus 40 Business Park in Warwick.
Fortunately, another plan emerged from the ashes of last year's failed Inco-Falconbridge merger, says Richard Sutcliffe, company president and CEO.
One of the many great undiscovered bands of the West Midlands, Coventry's Giraffes emerged from the ashes of Reluctant Stereotypes, and Pink Umbrellas, recording some stunning songs that fell on deaf music business ears.
Of New Labour, he said: "This is not some warmed-up neo-Thatcherism or an uncertain drift into splitting the difference - it is the most successful era of progressive change this party has achieved since the 1945 government emerged from the ashes of World War Two.