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a green transparent form of beryl

a transparent piece of emerald that has been cut and polished and is valued as a precious gem

the green color of an emerald

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Inside a restroom at the prom Joyce McCarthy helped her son, Daniel, into an emerald-green dress.
The search evolves into a unexpected adventure with the discovery of an ancient scroll, a note written in emerald-green ink, and Fickle's hidden laboratory housing some rather unusual inventions.
Stan Cullis inherited most of his successful side and at St Andrew's he was given time and funds that would have a present-day manager emerald-green with envy, but still emerged as a spectacular failure.
Today, a new ferro-concrete reproduction that houses cafe's and a rail museum is dwarfed by the curved, 43-story Shiodome City Center, an emerald-green office tower developed by Mitsui Fudosan Co.
Ravenswood, sporting the well-known blue and emerald-green colours of Martin Pipe's main owner David Johnson, effectively ruined his chance with a hesitant jump at the fifth hurdle, where
Some say addiction to the emerald-green liqueur drove Vincent Van Gogh to take his own life.
Also nearby lies the Semuc Champey Natural Monument, famous for its emerald-green pool and raging Class III and IV rapids in the Cahabon River.
Keys vistas are dominated by emerald-green lagoons, deep-blue seas, nodding palms and olive-green mangroves.
From the top: ``Miss Potter'' star Renee Zellweger inspired envy with her emerald-green strapless gown; ``Little Miss Sunshine'' ingenue Abigail Breslin, 10, glowed in a baby-blue taffeta dress and whisper-weight cream shrug; and actress Reese Witherspoon shined in a canary-yellow strapless cocktail number by Nina Ricci.
All that for an emerald-green anise-flavored liqueur distilled with oil of wormwood (with an alcohol level up to 75% by volume).
Vistas of the Keys are dominated by emerald-green lagoons, deep-blue seas, nodding palms and olive-green mangroves.