emerald shiner

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small blunt-nosed fish of Great Lakes and Mississippi valley with a greenish luster

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This study investigated the relationship between length and weight in Emerald Shiner to understand growth patterns based on sex with respect to habitat.
Individual Emerald Shiner were collected from coastal (including shoreline and tributary habitats) and open water habitats.
Age groups of individual Emerald Shiner were determined using length-frequency distribution analysis (Nielson and Johnson 1983), where ages were decided according to elevated peaks in the distribution.
Emerald Shiner age groups were determined by sex using length-frequency distribution analysis (Nielsen and Johnson 1983).
Male Emerald Shiner showed a significant positive, power function between SL and weight ([R.
Length-weight relationship patterns in Emerald Shiner were significantly influenced by sex (ANCOVA, F = 313.
The Fulton Condition factor, which is based on the b-factor in the logarithmic relationship between length and weight, showed that Emerald Shiner exhibited negative allometric growth.
Gray (1942) reported on Emerald Shiner growth in the Bass Island region of Lake Erie.
Emerald Shiner populations may reflect changing conditions and can serve as an early warning indicator of Lake Erie fish assemblage stability.
Biology of Emerald Shiner Notropis atherinoides Rafinesque in Lake Simcoe, Canada.
Life history of the Emerald Shiner, Notropis atherinoides, in Lewis and Clark Lake, South Dakota.
Ecology of the Emerald Shiner Notropis atherinoides Rafinesque in Dauphin Lake, Manitoba.
Table 1 Emerald Shiner age and growth relationships based on literature from the Great Lakes region and Midwestern United States TL Range (mm) Location Age 0 Age I Age II+ Study Canada Male 18-38 50-79 82-88 Campbell and MacCrimmon (1970) Female -- 51-84 85-96 Illinois -- 44 76 Dobie and others (1948); Dobie and others (1956) Michigan -- 32-72 84-108 Hobbs (1922) Ohio 35-58 33-71 64-84 Trautman (1981) Ohio (statewide) 25-58 33-71 99 Trautman (1957) Lake Erie, 10-23 30-63 55-89 Gray (1942) Bass Islands Lake Erie 5-23 -- -- Fish (1932) (lakewide) Lake Erie, Current Study Bass Islands Male 15-33 39-78 78-111 Female 18-30 42-78 81-108 South Dakota -- 45-92 75-95 Fuchs (2011) Wisconsin 38-45 45-61 73-95 Becker (1983) 41-53 -- -- Becker (1964)
Growth and survival of young-of-the-year emerald shiners (Notropis atherinoides) at different temperatures.
9 emerald shiner Notropis atherinoides blackchin shiner Notropis heterodon 18 51.