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  • verb

Synonyms for emend

to prepare a new version of

to make right what is wrong

Words related to emend

make improvements or corrections to

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22) Ellis retains 'lure' but emends 'our' to 'your'.
The formalist allegory is intended: When Ray emends flatness, he literally makes a tabula rasa, the ne plus ultra of erasure.
In the last line, Graham emends from bi to zhi because he finds bi "unintelligible in this context.
6) Citing this use, Gomme emends 'coached' to 'couched' in Laxton's question to the coachman in Gray's Inn Fields: 'May we safely take the upper hand of any coached velvet cap or tuftaffety jacket?
At P3A 81, the first graph in sleghely is tolerably clear in my photocopy as an <s>, and though Conlee emends his mistranscription to the correct reading, the manuscript does not in fact read cleghely.
In his analyses he appropriates and critically emends a wide range of reflections of other philosophers, historical and contemporary, analytic and phenomenological.
The text of Z itself he emends for sense more than fifty times, and for metre somewhat less often, usually by alignment with A(BC).