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  • verb

Synonyms for emend

to prepare a new version of

to make right what is wrong

Words related to emend

make improvements or corrections to

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In his analyses he appropriates and critically emends a wide range of reflections of other philosophers, historical and contemporary, analytic and phenomenological.
Ziolkowski, observing that the second half of line 3 is metrically corrupt, emends the metrically impossible `simul transfertur' to the common and metrically possible `simul <et> transfertur'.
He recorded the words as best he could, rather understandably misreading `si muf' (or even `simuf') as `simul', and leaving the sense and scansion of the line for someone else to fathom or emend.
In the last line, Graham emends from bi to zhi because he finds bi "unintelligible in this context.
Even if it is appropriate to emend so radically, it is difficult to see why these very extended senses of each term "provided by the examples" would suffice to justify rigid classification into opposing categories.