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improved or corrected by critical editing


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NYC's Department of Finance has acknowledged the impact of the emended language and is revising tax year 2012/2013 bills to reflect the reduction in property taxes for such properties.
1) The cultural currency of the Letter to Philemon in that regard has been emended by a hermeneutical tradition that, although widely debated, (2) has sustained as a normative reading.
The generic diagnosis of Hesperopilio is emended to accommodate information from the new species.
The paschal essence is especially evident in the prayer of thanksgiving over the water (largely the emended text of Luther's Flood Prayer).
hutchisoni is emended as follows: Similar to Emydoidea blandingii (Holbrook) in having an elongated nuchal bone and cervical scute impression, but differing in having the nuchal somewhat shorter and wider; cervical scute area not raised; and cervical scute impression wider dorsally and narrower ventrally than E.
The BBC later emended "died" to "was killed," which is still considerably less candid than "murdered," the blunt but accurate term employed by Fox News.
The original edition of the book was emended by its editors at Walker and Company, who made substantial changes to Wright's "experimental punctuation, capitalzation, and usage, and .
215-16) the divergences are so numerous, both in the text and in line numbering, as to demand an explanation: it appears that Montaiglon and Raynaud's 1878 edition is the source here, albeit emended.
Were this to be emended conservatively, exactly as the Vulgate in Latin has recently been, it might well prove to be the best English Catholic Bible, and long-lasting as well.
In some twenty places Mueller and Gould emended this text on minor points.
Vinogradov's Swan Lake, last seen here in 1995, has been emended for Universal Ballet, with the Soviet-era happy ending restored.
proves that authors, even great ones like Augustine, expected their texts to be modified by their initial, sometimes informal circulation, and thus "a text qualified as an edition only when it had been emended and released by the author for copying" (137).
For reasons suggested under listings for computer and book, this could be the last heroic project of the sort; future encyclopedias likely will be electronic data bases that can be emended instantly and variously accessed.
Public hearings on the proposed rules as emended by the Notice were held on December 18, 1992, and March 4, 1993.
The board also emended two other regulations to update them to match with latest developments in the financial markets and to the best international practices on the advanced markets of the world.