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improved or corrected by critical editing


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Genitives of species and subspecies nomina derived from personal names should not be emended.
In most modern editions, the line is emended to 'That which hath stooped the topmost of the gods'.
NYC's Department of Finance has acknowledged the impact of the emended language and is revising tax year 2012/2013 bills to reflect the reduction in property taxes for such properties.
All emended readings are clearly signalled in a separate list.
Through meticulous analysis of Folio variants in Romeo and Juliet and Love's Labour's Lost, Massai reaffirms that annotating readers consciously emended dramatic copies to improve their quality as readable texts.
A critical text 'has its beginnings in a document or documents [the "copy-text(s)"] that are then emended by, among other things, the elimination of errors, the normalization of accidentals .
There are few places in which their copy-text made plausible sense but was emended.
As a consequence organisation are forced to search beyond traditional financial measures and place greater emphasis on performance metrics related to softer issues emended in people and processes, whose strengths or weaknesses do not show up on a balance sheet (Bromwich & Bhimani, 1994.
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The paschal essence is especially evident in the prayer of thanksgiving over the water (largely the emended text of Luther's Flood Prayer).
hutchisoni is emended as follows: Similar to Emydoidea blandingii (Holbrook) in having an elongated nuchal bone and cervical scute impression, but differing in having the nuchal somewhat shorter and wider; cervical scute area not raised; and cervical scute impression wider dorsally and narrower ventrally than E.
The bulk of these takes the form of cumulative indexes to Schnitzler's works and to proper names, the latter augmented by updated versions of the Schnitzler and Markbreiter family trees, which were first printed in 1981 in the volume Tagebuch 1909-1912 and are now emended and extended in detail.
The requirements which fertilizers are required to meet in order to be sold in the EU are set out in Directive 76/116/EEC (last emended by Directive 98/97/EC) concerning the approximation of Member States' domestic laws on fertilizers.
Were this to be emended conservatively, exactly as the Vulgate in Latin has recently been, it might well prove to be the best English Catholic Bible, and long-lasting as well.