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the act or process of revising

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a correction by emending

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Cases of unjustified emendations of scientific names dedicated to people in tarantulas (Mygalomorphae: Theraphosidae)
It reveals the modern editorial practice of emendation to be a 'material' tool in the disciplining of the disorderly materialism of the later early modern editions.
In a case such as this, where the original reading is clearly possible, at least, it seems irresponsible to make an editorial emendation.
14) Although I believe that the Quattrocentro emendation does surpass the more recent efforts discussed thus far, I think that better sense and syntax can yet be found by following an alternative path.
Chapter 1 discusses emendations by Jakob Grimm and Friedrich Klaeber.
I place a semicolon after line 2 because in line 3, at any rate with this emendation, sed does not mark the reason why the snail is not a miserabilis exul (after all, Symphosius does not say nam, and anyway the reason has already been given: porto domum mecum), but rather introduces a new clue in the form of a contrast between earth (solo) and heaven (caelo), an antithesis our poet is particularly fond of: cf.
In October 2000 (after the publication of O Lost), Charles Scribner III was sent a list of 194 substantive emendations for Look Homeward, Angel, of which 151 are restorations of manuscript readings and 43 are editorial emendations.
His translation rather flatly but correctly renders the figurative expression created by Frassinetti's emendation ('both sharing the same pasture' > 'prepared together in one sauce'): 'estaba cocinando entranas finamente picadas y carne cortada en trozos preparadas las dos con la misma salsa .
Hammond suggests that the emendations that occurred between 1672 and 1681 were part of Marvell's attempt to quell rumours of his homosexuality.
its establishment (an emendation of the "National Congress of Mothers" formed just a decade earlier) at the time signaled the perceived importance of extending its power base beyond the moral authority of mothering.
She sensibly rejects the need for emendation at some points, showing that Q makes perfectly acceptable sense at 39: 12 and 44: 13.
An extensive review of the literature surrounding the controversy leads to the following conclusions: 1) no typographical error was made, 2) the inconsistency is critical to the effect sought by Hemingway, 3) Hemingway was proud of the original, and 4) the emendation is not valid and should be retracted.
I believe that Coffey and blayer are right in arguing that emendation is necessary, since the required sense cannot be extracted from the paradosis without violence.
5) sparsas is an emendation by a corrector of B, not an independent variant reading as the apparatus suggests.
A healthy respect for the reliability of a text transmitted by a community of faith dissuades him from emendation on the basis of conjecture or ancient translations.