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the act or process of revising

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a correction by emending

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With the 1965 emendation, the skirmish quickly escalated, pitting those who supported the emendation against those who favored the original text.
Most editors prefer Robertson's convincing emendation et ignes, which is based on the parallel narrative in the Greek Onos, where we have: [TEXT NOT RPEORDUCIBLE IN ASCII.
15] Finally, one suspects that politics may have influenced Pope's emendation.
The text includes abbreviations and an introduction, followed by eleven essays covering the following general topics: past and present editing of the Bible; the genealogy of the Biblical editor; the evolutionary composition of the Hebrew Bible; problems with editing the Hebrew Bible; evidence from the Qumran Scrolls for the scribal transmission of Leviticus; Greek papyri and the texts of the Hebrew Bible; editing of the New Testament; the coherence-based genealogical method; scribal practices and the transmission of Biblical texts; The New Testament in the light of book publishing and antiquity; and conjectural emendation and the New Testament.
Conjectural emendation is best practiced by editors thoroughly imbued with the tenor and characteristic modes of expression of the literature, only to be had through long and deep acquaintance with a wide range of authors in the tradition.
77-78) provides a full discussion of the six concordant sources and a detailed listing of the readings that required emendation or comment.
But otherwise Sean Hemingway has faithfully reprinted what White transcribed, including evidence of White's editorial emendation (as indicated by the square bracket) in "Feria of last [July]" (BL 105; DLT 351; SAR 204).
In a few places conjectural emendation is demanded, and in a few more may be plausibly adventured" (SS ii).
Let us begin with Nature, Lectures and Addresses, the volume I find least satisfactory because of its emendation principle.
Even though McGinnis advises his reader that this is not a critical edition, it is in fact an emendation of al-Yasin's 1996 edition on the basis of 'Zayid's [1983] edition, as well as the Arabic edition of the text found in the Tehran lithograph of The Healing and the available medieval Latin translation of Avicenna's Physics' (xxxii).
The tradition itself conceded the possibility of scribal errors, but the dogma of the Qur'an's miraculous inimitability, supported by historical narratives that recounted an early compilation and practices of oral transmission held to preclude copyists' errors, discouraged a culture of textual emendation.
One would welcome more concrete illustrations of the process of emendation and the thinking that shapes it.
If there is to be a second edition of the book--and it deserves a wide audience--I would like to see one emendation and one addition.
To your rich November 2007 special issue, "Telling Stories," on books and theater, I'd like to add a brief but, to me, significant emendation.
Still worse, they interfered with textual interpretation and even emendation, which should be immune from such a taint, like logic or algebra.