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  • verb

Synonyms for emend

to prepare a new version of

to make right what is wrong

Words related to emend

make improvements or corrections to

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Therapy regimens used in rolapitant and Emend trials
The most frequently reported drug-related clinical adverse events in both the group receiving a single, 150 mg dose of fosaprepitant and the group receiving oral EMEND were asthenia (loss of strength), constipation, anorexia, diarrhea and nausea.
In the last line, Graham emends from bi to zhi because he finds bi "unintelligible in this context.
Even if Rezonic meets the challenge in reducing chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, it will face stiff competition from Emend and Emend for Injection/Ivemend as a result of these agents' earlier launches and lower prices," said Nancy Li, analyst at Decision Resources.
Unlike other English translations, the TANAKH translation does not emend the original Hebrew text.
The phrase may be rendered: "The sound of the world, that you may be shattered (perhaps emend nyrrbtd to nwrbttd) for fear of him.
290, 321 are, in fact, duly printed in the text, so to emend on metrical grounds such lines as 12.
The application for EMEND For Injection and receipt of the approvable letter does not relate in any way to the manufacturing and availability of the oral formulation of EMEND, which utilizes a completely different manufacturing process and remains available for patient use.
This report will enable you to evaluate key marketed drugs, including Emend and Megace, and gain an insight into novel pipeline products to anticipate upcoming product launches and position yourself for success.
Carrie Jones returns to Ogilvy PR, where she recently led the "Talking Wellness" program with motivational guru Tony Robbins for Merck's Emend, among other accomplishments.
Space limitations preclude detailed comment on the text, translation or notes, but it is perhaps worth noting that the variant readings Lindberg supplies usually evoke agreement with his choice of expression in the text, even where he has found it necessary to emend (e.
The Company announced on July 11 that the FDA approved EMEND for the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) as a single 40 mg oral dose given within three hours prior to anesthesia.
Over the past several years, companies have selectively applied nanoscale innovations to products ranging from the Chevrolet Impala to Merck's anti-emetic drug Emend," explained Matthew Nordan, Vice President of Research at Lux Research.
It is conservative, even timid: for example, at line 6275 the editor criticizes his own reading, refers us to a satisfactory variant, yet does not emend.