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the branch of biology that studies the formation and early development of living organisms

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Embryologically, it arises in the brain of placental mammals as an elongated midline structure composed of 2-3 x 108 fibers horizontal interconnecting homotopical and heterotopical cortical areas (2,23,24).
1,3) Craniofacial dermoids represent a unique group of embryologically derived soft tissue inclusion abnormalities, and constitute approximately 7% of all dermoids.
The prostate of both species originates embryologically from the urogenital sinus (UGS), an endoderm structure present in embryos during the ambisexual stage.
Embryologically, BAT is derived from myogenic progenitors expressing Myf5 (encoding myogenic factor 5) and Pax7 [29], while "beige" adipose tissue has been arising from the transdifferentiation of mature cells, as well as Myf5-precursors and recently MYH11+.
However, the developing of this clinical entity is due to a vascular malformation, making the designation preureteric vena cava more embryologically accurate.
This gland develops embryologically from pharyngeal epithelium that descend from the base of tongue to normal position of in the neck.
9-11 Epicardial fat is embryologically the same as intra-abdominal fat,12 so if we take a closer look at it, we may be able to prevent or cure the outbreak of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases by predicting the diseases in advance.
Embryologically, duplication occurs when two separate ureteric buds arise from a single Wolffian duct.
Embryologically, the thyroid descends from the foramen cecum in the posterior aspect of the tongue to its usual (orthotopic) position anterior to the upper tracheal rings.
12] Embryologically, the penis and the clitoris have same development.
Genital and sometimes extra genital malformations are associated with embryologically unilateral renal agenesis (RA).
1) Embryologically, the pericardial sac is formed due to the fusion of mesenchymal lacunae and rarely pericardial cyst results due to the failure of fusion of these lacunae.
Embryologically, the VNO is derived from the olfactory placode (Bossy, 1980;6 Garrosa, 1998).
Embryologically, the pancreas arises from a dorsal and ventral pancreatic bud.