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of an organism prior to birth or hatching

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1) These abnormalities are formed from branchial remnants that persist through embryologic development.
In summary, the quantum domain of water is the grand organizer of life that maintains the interlocking and cross-linked gearlike patterns of embryologic and microbiome wisdom.
The embryologic limb bud begins development between 26 to 28 days after fertilization.
Mullerian anomalies are an embryologic phenomenon of the female reproductive tract.
Clinical and embryologic aspects of penile duplication and associated anomalies.
The tongue is derived from two separate embryologic origins.
Indeed, it has been reported that based on the known neurohistopathic aetiology of NF-1 and the neuro-ectodermal embryologic derivation of the iridocorneal angle, there is under-development of the angular region, in patients affected by NF-1, as confirmed by gonioscopic examination.
In an outline format and by body region, each chapter covers radiologic patterns for differential diagnoses; functional, anatomic, and embryologic aspects; and the features of specific disorders; with additional chapters on nuclear medicine, statistics, and contrast media.
Each pathway is described according to the direction of the nerve impulse rather than by the embryologic outgrowth of the nerve.
The embryologic periods of pregastrulation through gastrulation and somitogenesis have all been identified as possible timing of the failure of lateralisation, especially at the 20-30-day embryonic stage when cardiac and venous channel development occurs.
The basic homology of the penis and clitoris remains intact--similarities, both anatomic and embryologic, are duly noted, and the clitoris is regularly referred to as an "erectile organ.
Pulmonary sequestration and related congenital bronchopulmonary malformations: nomenclature and classification based on anatomical and embryologic considerations.
Idiopathic congenital central hypoventilation syndrome: analysis of genes pertinent to early autonomic nervous system embryologic development and identification of mutations in PHOX2b.