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In vivo study on the process of solid tumor formation from embryoid bodies of mouse teratocarcinoma development.
After 5 days, pESC5 cells formed embryoid bodies (EBs) and they were eventually differentiated into cystic EBs (Figure 5A).
The researchers found that embryoid bodies have hallmarks of gastrulation -- a remarkable developmental step that launches a hollow ball of cells toward becoming an organism with three distinct types of precursor cells.
The Stem Cell Manager application employs the same principles to also deliver uniformly-sized embryoid bodies from stem cell cultures, which results in higher yield and consistency of differentiated cell types from these high value cultures.
Richard Carpenedo of Georgia Institute of Technology: Microsphere-Mediated Delivery of Retinoic Acid to Embryoid Bodies Alters Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation
Preliminary results found embryonic stem cells could be accurately classified and differentiated from embryoid bodies and adult tissue using their distinct miRNA expression signatures.
Not only did the ES cells grown on the bio-scaffold develop embryoid bodies, but instead of aggregating as they tend to do in 2-D cultures, the embryoid bodies also integrated into the scaffolds and appeared to be covered by an extracellular matrix.