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Synonyms for embroilment

the condition of being entangled or implicated

Synonyms for embroilment

an intricate and confusing interpersonal or political situation


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Instead, Norell argues, it was Israeli embroilment in Gaza that provided Hezbollah with an opportunity it couldn't refuse.
Summary: BEIRUT: A new Israeli-Lebanon conflict is likely to be far more violent, inflict greater damage to civilian and government infrastructure and lead to the direct embroilment of other regional actors, warned a new report released Monday by the International Crisis Group (ICG), the leading conflict-resolution think tank A new conflict will also likely affect
Sometime after relatively not bad data has been output on the industrial production and the load of capacities, which allowed exchange indices to correct up and brought embroilment among the state notes market participants.
As to any future embroilment - which only sore losers would surely hope for - I trust that a British administration, whatever its stripe, would react automatically to defend and protect the rights, freedoms and security of British citizens living overseas under our jurisdiction.
International uproar due to the embroilment of Indians--V.
The admission by the Pakistan interior adviser that the Mumbai attacks of November 2008 were "partially planned" from Pakistan also highlights the gravity of the country's embroilment with terrorist elements.
However, neither the downturn itself--however likely this seems at the time of writing--nor Australia's embroilment within it is inevitable.
Hearing of his brother's latest embroilment with Slevin, Peter's reaction is typical of the way Davy is generally viewed: 'Peter was torn with pity.
These two feel for others, but without the burden of emotional embroilment or dependency.
The Royal Navy defined "poise" as: "An attribute of a maritime force which permits it to remain in international waters for long periods while retaining the ability to become engaged in events ashore or withdraw without risk of embroilment.
9] Rosenquist's constellation of commodities--the vaginal cake, the uterine light bulbs, and the womb-like hairdryer--underscore the feminization of the home front and the embroilment of the home economist in the Cold War.
WHen it comes to Britain's military embroilment in Iraq, ministers choose their words very carefully, knowing that every nuance and change of emphasis will be picked over and analysed.
For Libeskind, the project is a happy contrast to his embroilment in Manhattan's Ground Zero rebuild.
43) The good offices of the two monarchs may also have been solicited on this occasion, since two other oba were at the centre of the embroilment.
Craxi's embroilment in the corruption scandals of "Tangentopoli" would then pave the way for the next major transformation of the political scene: the dissolution or fragmentation of most existing parties and the rise of Silvio Berlusconi's populist Forza Italia.