embroidery needle

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a long needle with an eye large enough for heavy darning or embroidery thread

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MATERIALS * 7 1/2-inch gold curb chain (try Michaels) * Gold lobster clasp and findings * Pliers and charms (if using) * 2 colors of embroidery floss * 2 embroidery needles * Scissors
Thread the metallic cord with the embroidery needle.
MATERIALS: 3 yards metallic cord * 5 kinds of ribbon in a range of widths, no wider than 7/8 inch * Scissors * Embroidery needle
The kit includes 12" square pillow form (100% polyester stuffing), two squares of patterned fleece fabric, faux fur, flowers, an assortment of pom poms and accent beads, multi-colored thread, and embroidery needle.
Step 2: Using a thick embroidery needle, thread through your first colour and begin a large running stitch across the width of your towel.
Embroidery needle needle and matching sewing thread Sewing machine Ribbon Embroidery needle Sewing machine STEP 3: Use red embroidery floss to embroider your pattern onto the felt.
For a necklace, you'll need pattern paper, 1/4 yard cotton fabric, coordinated thread, about 1 1/2 ounces potpourri (available at crafts stores and some florists), polyester batting (optional), a large embroidery needle, and a skein of pearl cotton.
You'll also nee #3 pearl cotton embroidery thread (available at needlepoint or crafts supply stores), an embroidery needle, and tailor's tracking paper or brown paper for the patter.
For making the pattern, you'll need a needlepoint or embroidery needle, pearl-head pins, and three skeins of needlepoint yarn or embroidery thread (different colors).
Materials include: wrapping paper or 1-inch pattern paper; 1/4 yard of thick, 72-inch-wide felt, preferably with a high wool content; a 1-pound bag of polyester fiberfill; two skeins of embroidery thread (use the full six-ply thickness) in a color that contrasts with the felt; an embroidery needle and a 5- to 5-1/2-inch-long (130mm) needle; two matching 3/4-inch buttons for eyes; four size 36, 7/8-inch button forms to cover with felt (or uncovered buttons with large shanks); dental floss.
and black) * brushes * embroidery needles * one gallon water-based clear
Those things, like catching bullets in teeth, making money appear out of thin air and swallowing 100 embroidery needles, led to David Letterman's proclaiming the pair "evil geniuses.
We use large blunt embroidery needles and use colors that match the paint.