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It was a beautiful piece of textile work hand-stitched by the young Merseyside embroiderers aged seven to 17.
The exhibition Mining A Golden Seam showcases the work of talented embroiderers from across the North East and opens today at the Woodhorn Museum near Ashington, Northumberland.
EXHIBITIONS Republic of the Moon, FACT, until February 26, Gina Czarnecki, The Bluecoat, until February 19; Alice in Wonderland, Tate Liverpool, until January 29, 2012; The Pleasure Principle, Open Eye, until December 23; The Savage Style, The Walker and Museum of Liverpool, until February 19, 2012; The Art Books of Henri Matisse, above, The Walker, until Apr 15, 2012; Costume Drama: Fashion from 1790 to 1850, Sudley House, until May 7, 2012; The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria Gallery & Museum, until Dec 23; Peter Blake: An Alphabet, The Walker, until February 12; Age of the Dinosaur, World Museum Liverpool, until April 15; A Question of Taste, Victoria Gallery & Museum, until January 28.
The Tiny Solider, creators of military and service-themed clothing for children, and nationwide custom embroiderers, introduced four new children's embroidered clothing designs to honor our nation's returning soldiers.
Celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts have admitted to being craft mad, fuelling a boom in young knitters, embroiderers and jewellery makers.
The Friends of Oakwell will be joined for the day by members of the Friends of Clarke Hall, Wakefield, and also ladies from Huddersfield Embroiderers Guild, who will be showing their work.
Its customers include screen printers, embroiderers and marketing companies.
However, the rewards of the exhibition had less to do with understanding the ethnographic or anthropological meaning of textiles, and more with the appreciation of the extraordinary artistic skill of the embroiderers who fabricated and embellished these beautiful cloths.
Local artists, photographers, potters, sculptors, wood turners, embroiderers, weavers and makers of traditional toys will be displaying their work at an exhibition at the Jane Powell Art Studio in Kenilworth today and tomorrow.
Beginners as well as advanced embroiderers will find the SILK RIBBON EMBROIDERY BIBLE outstanding: it covers all details needed to work with ribbon embellishments, from instructions on over sixty ribbon embroidery stitches and patterns for motifs to color illustrations of each completed project, pattern guides and order of work charts, fabric and thread details, and more.
Pam Willars, president of the local chapter of Embroiderers Guild of America, also participated in the knitting endeavor.
The gold thread signifies visual luxury without constituting it; any number of embroiderers, not to speak of Fifth Avenue maroquiniers, have produced richer cloth with less rich materials, any number of calligraphers have produced more gorgeous script, and any number of artists have undone Minimalism in more inventive and challenging ways.
Although the event was officially a public engagement to support Britain's embroiderers, it turned into a party.
Margaret, aged 58, works for the Walsalased promotional printers and embroiderers.
The new HUSQVARNA VIKING DESIGNER SE Limited Edition machine will please the highest demands of sewers and embroiderers alike on design flexibility and user convenience," said Don Fletcher, CEO of SVP Worldwide.