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a medicinal liquid that is rubbed into the skin to relieve muscular stiffness and pain


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The company is principally engaged in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of medicated embrocation using the brand name "Hoe Hin.
And simply popped a jar of embrocation in the pocket.
In addition, most patients received at least one out of several non-pharmacological therapies of the concept of integrative oncology as offered in this clinic: psychotherapy 39, rhythmical massage 34, embrocation 29, compresses 28, curative eurythmy 20, regional embrocation 19, painting 17, music therapy 16, dietary advice 13, therapeutic bath 9, sculpturing 3, breathing exercise 1 (Elevated temperature or fever >38.
TODAY I went into a wee shoppie and told the young Asian chap that there was a strong smell of embrocation.
I shed a tear to think that I shall never again see a rubby wearing a balibuntal hat, seated on a sagbag while swigging from a bottle of alcoholic embrocation.
Then he might also dig up something about a box of Mintoes being as essential on tour as Mush's embrocation.
But a new generation has grown up knowing nothing of Dr Thatcher's Lethal Embrocation.
THE fat lady is warming up and Moseley will be hoping that she is in full voice come tea-time tomorrow as the teams troop off for their Ellerman's embrocation and amber nectar.
Of all the tosh that has been spouted since Saturday's golden moment, the most risible have been (in no particular order): the notion of Clive Woodward managing the England football team; the clamour for everyone from Wilkinson to the bloke who applies embrocation to the players' sore groins to be knighted and/or given the freedom of the entire solar system; the idea that youngsters will now shun football and relentlessly pursue a career as a rugby union star.
The combination of embrocation, manipulation and painkillers got Montgomerie through yesterday and remarkably he shot a seven-under-par 65 to stay out in front.