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Granlund, however, said "If you have western (sodium) bentonite in there, you have to get it up to 1300F (704c) to embrittle it enough for removal.
Thus the presence of cracks reduces the ductility of the wire and embrittles the wire.
The reduction could also be attributed to the fact that the high local strain hardening around the tip of the crack embrittles the material around the crack tip thereby promoting crack propagation in the wire at a lower applied load.
Formation of free hydrogen on the surface of the implant embrittles the implants.
Owing to this, elasticity is lost and the coating embrittles and shrinks.
As the degree of hydrolysis increases, the resin system embrittles and subsequently microcracks and delaminates during cure.
Higher residual aluminum and nitrogen levels and slow cooling rates trigger the condition, which embrittles load critical components, reducing the impact strength and ductility of the steel.
Chemical pretreatment that embrittles paint before granulation.
2009) reported that acidification embrittles the shell of Crassostrea virginica and Crassostrea ariakensis in their larval state.