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Our primary objective in this study was to evaluate the compositional and morphological parameters that lead to not only a high impact strength but also a high level of thermal embrittlement resistance in these blends.
Starck has developed a new tantalum alloy with improved corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement resistance.
Recommendations - According to another SFSA report on the occurrence of aluminum nitride embrittlement, "There is no guarantee of preventing rock candy fracture due to aluminum nitride formation if one controls the Al and N alone.
The more isotropic the film, the more resistant it will be to embrittlement by radiation, since there will be a significant tie molecule population strengthening the film in all directions.
Test results in aggressive HCl environments outside currently acceptable ranges show the new Ultra 76 tantalum alloy exhibits lower corrosion rates and hydrogen embrittlement rates that are 1 to 2 order of magnitude lower than those of conventional tantalum alloys.
Normally stabilized polypropylenes are not suitable for sterilization by high-energy radiation because of severe embrittlement that occurs in the plastic immediately after sterilization, and worsens with aging.
EFS-2500 is non-acidic, non-flammable and non- hazardous; and does not cause hydrogen embrittlement while affording minimal to no air pollution potential.
Under normal conditions, gas porosity can be detected and repaired, but aluminum nitride embrittlement is virtually impossible to detect on a production basis in foundries.
However, five repeated sterilization cycles caused some embrittlement of the styrenic polymers and the PC.
Hussain added, "The fact that our tank performed flawlessly and withstood the repeated fast-filling of hydrogen at 5,000psi, and that our proprietary polymer liner showed no stress corrosion cracking or hydrogen embrittlement, sets us apart as a technology leader and a market leader.
Carstab DLTDP (dilauryl thiodipropionate) and DSTDP (distearyl thiodipropionate) provide high performance when combined synergistically with hindered phenolics to retard color formation and embrittlement during processing or long-term heat aging.
The book covers a broad range of ferrous alloys-duplex stainless steels, microalloyed bar and forging steels, ultrahigh nitrogen stainless steels, low cobalt maraging steels, steels with low Mn and Si resistant to temper embrittlement, and austempered ductile cast irons.
The award, from the National Science Foundation, will be used by the company to fund research aimed at developing a field use, nondestructive evaluation (NDE) capability for detecting hydrogen embrittlement damage buildup and remaining life in high strength steel alloys and other materials crucial to the aerospace and power industries.
In addition to optimizing the volumetric efficiency of the fuel storage, this type IV plastic lined tank technology also addresses the hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking concerns associated with type III aluminum lined hydrogen storage tanks.