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Hydrogen will embrittle the high-strength steel used in such pipelines, however, raising the risk of rupture and explosion of leading hydrogen.
Did you know sending a board twice through Pb-free HASL can embrittle the soldermask to the point where the resultant product will have much worse creep corrosion than any thin immersion silver deposit?
First, most coatings embrittle as exposure time increases.
Plated through-holes are gradually work-hardened by physical expansion and contraction, and can embrittle and fail even if the polymeric material itself is not damaged by the temperature extremes.
However, these coatings where the concentration of active HALS drops to zero at the surface are known to rapidly photooxidize and embrittle.
That being said, over time alkyds tend to yellow and embrittle more quickly compared to their water based counterparts - causing cracking and flaking.
It is well known that cracks develop and propagate more easily in brittle materials and therefore preservative treatments that embrittle or weaken timber may be expected to increase the tendency of the treated timber to check when the wood is subjected to the surface tensile stresses that develop as a result of cyclic changes in moisture content.
the previous switch base tended to embrittle and fail when snapped into a B-pillar during cold weather) is eliminated due to better elongation properties of the alloy.
With an eye toward preventing or postponing osteoporosis--calcium loss that can embrittle bones--many people have been trying to increase the level of calcium in their diet.
The second paper recounts a 1-billion-atom simulation of "work hardening" -- the process by which deformation strengthens a material but can embrittle it if overdone.
In the second group, polymers exposed to UV radiations tend to embrittle due to one or the combination of the following mechanisms: (i) scission of the polymer chain, (ii) photoinduced crystallization, and (iii) crosslinking.
However, literature indicates that [gamma]-radiation can lead to crosslinking and/or strain-induced chain scission in these pouch materials, which can embrittle the material and reduce strength [5,6].
They also have chemically active components that can embrittle seals, corrode soft metal surfaces, and leach lead, tin, and copper from bearing steel alloys.
The main disadvantages are their high cost, inferior wear properties, diffusion of oxygen into titanium during fabrication and the effect of heat treatment and the dissolved oxygen that embrittle titanium.