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an opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through


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His stay at the castle of Stutevill was drawn out to three days, and then, on the third day, as he sat with Bertrade de Montfort in an embrasure of the south tower of the old castle, he spoke once more of the necessity for leaving and once more she urged him to remain.
As he passed over the drawbridge and down toward the highroad a few minutes later on his way back to Torn, he turned for one last look at the castle and there in an embrasure in the south tower stood a young woman who raised her hand to wave, and then, as though by sudden impulse, threw a kiss after the departing knight, only to disappear from the embrasure with the act.
If, at the inception of the race, only Goro and the stars had looked down upon the contestants, such was not the case at its finish, since from an embrasure near the summit of the wall two close-set black eyes peered down upon the two.
I will then trust thee,'' said Rebecca, ``thus far;'' and she descended from the verge of the battlement, but remained standing close by one of the embrasures, or machicolles, as they were then called.
At the top a little patch of blue sky was visible, and, in one direction, through an embrasure, he could see foliage, but whether it was beyond or within the temple he did not know.
Aramis affected a laugh, to divert the attention of certain curious listeners, and perceiving that Athos had betaken himself to the embrasure of a window and remained there, he proceeded to join him, throwing out a few words carelessly as he moved through the room.
Each of us had seized his rifle, and Lord John had pulled out a small bush to make an embrasure in the hedge.
The major cause of the delay, however, was the discovery of previously hidden structural details, such as ancient embrasures that weren't evident when the renovation project was being planned.
We're gradually making the underground floor of the southeastern bastions accessible, with preserved embrasures and the original floor," Sarossy said, as quoted by SITA.
Other common features include the prominent window embrasures, radiating floorboards, rucked-up, bulky red textiles, and the tubular folds of the male sitters' long outer garments.
Incidence of open gingival embrasures after mandibular incisor extractions: a clinical photographic evaluation.
Figure 5b reveals two embrasures per wall and one in each of four corners, where much thinner, dressed wooden pillars originally stood embedded in the brick walls.
The interdental open gingival embrasures were accurately reproduced in the final impression using addition silicone impression material (Reprosil, Regular Body, Dentsply, USA) in an acrylic custom tray (DPI, Self-cure, India) that extended from incisal edges to vestibular sulcus in the maxillary anterior region (Figure 2).
The adobe walls at his homestead encompassed a compound larger than most, but otherwise they looked pretty standard--one gate only, strong and bolstered, no windows, just embrasures in the upper section for shooting at unwanted visitors.