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Synonyms for embrace

Synonyms for embrace

to put one's arms around affectionately

to receive (something given or offered) willingly and gladly

to take, as another's idea, and make one's own

the act of embracing

Synonyms for embrace

the act of clasping another person in the arms (as in greeting or affection)

the state of taking in or encircling

Related Words

a close affectionate and protective acceptance

squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness

take up the cause, ideology, practice, method, of someone and use it as one's own

References in classic literature ?
called out Robin, as he ran forward and embraced his old comrade.
As, therefore, in the case of animate bodies and organisms a certain magnitude is necessary, and a magnitude which may be easily embraced in one view; so in the plot, a certain length is necessary, and a length which can be easily embraced by the memory.
They this time embraced heartily, and without retaining any malice.
Musqueton was in the third heaven and would have embraced D'Artagnan had he dared; meanwhile he resolved to sacrifice his life for him on the next occasion that presented itself.
And having, meantime, embraced his ward, he passed him into the robust arms of Porthos, who lifted him up from the ground and held him a moment suspended near the noble heart of the formidable giant.
Raoul seized his father by the shoulders, by the neck, as he could, and embraced him so tenderly and so rapidly, that the comte had neither strength nor time to disengage himself, or to overcome his paternal emotions.
Thorpe, with tears of joy, embraced her daughter, her son, her visitor, and could have embraced half the inhabitants of Bath with satisfaction.
Raoul uttered a cry, and affectionately embraced Porthos.
The father embraced them both, and bestowing his kisses and affection impartially on each, said, "I wish you both would look into the mirror every day: you, my son, that you may not spoil your beauty by evil conduct; and you, my daughter, that you may make up for your lack of beauty by your virtues.
The moment his lordship gave a hint of his readiness to assist in the delivery of the lady, it was eagerly embraced by the other nobleman, who depended much on the authority of Lord Fellamar, as he thought it would greatly contribute to awe Fitzpatrick into a compliance; and perhaps he was in the right; for the poor Irishman no sooner saw these noble peers had undertaken the cause of his wife than he submitted, and articles of separation were soon drawn up and signed between the parties.
Mrs Miller entering the room at that moment, after a gentle rap which was not perceived, and seeing Jones in the arms of his uncle, the poor woman in an agony of joy fell upon her knees, and burst forth into the most ecstatic thanksgivings to heaven for what had happened; then, running to Jones, she embraced him eagerly, crying, "My dearest friend, I wish you joy a thousand and a thousand times of this blest day.
I could hold no longer: I took him in my arms and embraced him eagerly.
JHELUM, April 16, 2011 (Frontier Star): A Hindu Doctor Raj embraced Islam in Jhelum at the hands of local religious leader Pir Zikria.
DIGRI, February 03, 2011 (Balochistan Times): 9 persons including men, women and children left Hinduism and embraced Islam as their religion on the hands of Qari Abdul Latif here on the other day.
Summary: Jazan, Safar 11, 1432, Jan 15, 2011, SPA -- Eleven persons from various nationalities have embraced Islam at the Cooperative Office for Call, Guidance and Awareness of Communities in Jazan.