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the aperture of a wind instrument into which the player blows directly

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During the vacation I resolved not to play at all for a month and forget about embouchure completely, and then I started again entirely from scratch--from sustained notes, from practice deliberately focused on tone.
Pour les industriels comme pour la Cite de Sherbrooke, il s'agit d'un seul et meme probleme dont la solution reside dans la transformation de la Saint-Francois en amont: la construction de deux reservoirs dans les lacs Saint-Francois et Aylmer et l'installation de barrages a leur embouchure permettraient de controler le debit de la riviere pendant toute l'annee (30).
The mouth should blow indolent spit globes, the correct embouchure is shown in fig.
Indeed, it seemed to me that Crooks's playing of the tenor - with a limpid, controlled tone - was a product of his well-developed clarinet embouchure.
Coverages of everything from instrument sections to embouchure, tonguing, rhythm practice and more provide reinforcing exercises.
Incidentally, if you are wondering about the name Fat Chops, it was Dizzie Gillespie's very individual way of describing how a brass player had to have a good, firm embouchure with all the facial muscles in top form.
Players of brass instruments must form an embouchure (the positioning of the mouth, facial muscles, tongue, and jaw such that the lips will vibrate when blown through).
Son embouchure est fort etroite et je ne crois pas que deux galeres a la fois y puissent passer en voguant.
The embouchure, black hole where vision disappeared,
L'existence de blocs de dolomie, en particulier do dolomie a stromatolites, dans la region du Lac-Saint-Jean et du Saguenay, ainsi qu'a son embouchure (Dionne 1986, 1994), implique un courant do glace majeur de 120 a 130 km de largeur ayant emprunte cet axe en direction du SE (Fig.
Facial muscles may also be involved, causing problems with the embouchure (the positioning of the lips) in musicians who play wind instruments.
For instance, having a flexible embouchure makes all the difference.
Intricacies include how air stream affects pitch and how a flutist's embouchure determines air direction.
Some of the most frustrated-looking young musicians were taking on the trumpet for the first time, trying to come to terms with the instrument's embouchure, or lip and mouth work.
Lips of Steel: 22 Endurance Etudes for Trombone (and Baritone) Plus a Warm-up and Embouchure Conditioner.